Journal of Management Studies 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1996
An investigation of the relationship between organizational structure, managerial role expectations and managers' work activities.Business, generalHales, Colin, Tamangani, Ziv
A 'partnership' route to human resource management?Business, generalBeaumont, Phil, Hunter, Laurie, Sinclair, Diane
CEO locus of control and small firm performance: an integrative framework and empirical test. (includes appendix)Business, generalWitteloostuijn, Arjen van, Boone, Christophe, Brabander, Bert de
Continuities in human resource processes in internationalization and domestic business management.Business, generalHendry, Chris
Do managers and strategies matter? A study in crisis.Business, generalJohnson, Richard A., Greening, Daniel W.
Early career outcomes of graduate employees: the effect of mentoring and ingratiation.Business, generalAryee, Samuel, Wyatt, Thomas, Stone, Raymond
Employee shareholders or institutional investors? When corporate managers replace their stockholders.Business, generalUseem, Michael, Gager, Constance
Engineers, management and work organization: a comparative analysis of engineers' work roles in British and Japanese electronics firms. (includes appendix)Business, generalLam, Alice
Green stakeholders: industry interpretations and response.Business, generalFineman, Stephen, Clarke, Ken
High commitment management and payment systems.Business, generalWood, Stephen
Human resources as strategic assets: an evolutionary resource-based theory.Business, generalMueller, Frank
Managing dysfunctional emotions in organizations.Business, generalOstell, Alistair
Multinational management strategy and human resource decision making in the single European market.Business, generalWalsh, Janet
Organizational contexts and the interpretation of strategic issues: a note on CEOs' interpretations of foreign investment. (includes appendix)Business, generalDutton, Jane E., Denison, Daniel R., Hart, Stuart L., Kahn, Joel A.
Professionalization and British management practice: case evidence from medium-sized firms in two industrial sectors.Business, generalBresnen, Mike, Fowler, Carolyn
Rediscovering Hegel: the 'new historicism' in organization and management studies.Business, generalReed, Michael I.
Re-engineering the sense of self: the manager and the management guru.Business, generalJackson, Bradley G.
Research in strategy, economics, and Michael Porter.Business, generalFoss, Nicolai J.
Risk types and inter-firm alliance structures.Business, generalDas, T.K.
'Sameness' and 'difference' revisited: which way forward for equal opportunity initiatives?Business, generalLiff, Sonia, Wajcman, Judy
Scale, performance and the new public management: an empirical analysis of local authority services.Business, generalBoyne, George A.
Strategic human resource management within a resource-capability view of the firm.Business, generalKamoche, Ken
Strategic motives for international alliance formation.Business, generalBuckley, Peter J., Glaister, Keith W.
Teaching paradigm shifting in management education: university business schools and the entrepreneurial imagination.Business, generalChia, Robert
Technological expansion: the interaction between diversification strategy and organizational capability.Business, generalChen, Rongxin
The Cognitive Style Index: a measure of intuition-analysis for organizational research.Business, generalAllinson, Christopher W., Hayes, John
The conduct of management and the management of conduct: contemporary managerial discourse and the constitution of the 'competent' manager.Business, generalDu Gay, P., Salaman, G., Rees, B.
The ethics of shifting ties: management theory and the breakdown of culture in modernity.Business, generalFeldman, Steven P.
The importance of industry structure for the determination of firm profitability: a neo-Austrian perspective.Business, generalDeeds, David L., Hill, Charles W.L.
The low-trust route to economic development: inter-firm relations in the UK engineering construction industry in the 1980s and 1990s.Business, generalKorczynski, Marek
The nature and transformation of corporate headquarters: a review of recent literature and a research agenda.Business, generalPettigrew, Andrew, Ferlie, Ewan
The role of 'good conversation' in strategic control.Business, generalQuinn, John J.
The role of networks in the diffusion of technological innovation.Business, generalSwan, Jacky, Newell, Sue, Robertson, Maxine
Towards a critique of managerialism: the contribution of Simone Weil.Business, generalGrey, Christopher
Understanding organizational learning capability.Business, generalDiBella, Anthony J., Nevis, Edwin C., Gould, Janet M.
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