Journal of Management Studies 1991 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1991
Acquisition and divestiture as a response to competitive position and market structure.Business, generalHopkins, H. Donald
Adoption, discontinuation and retention of a capital good innovation.Business, generalMascarenhas, Briance
A longitudinal comparative study of two joint ventures.Business, generalKent, David H., Hellriegel, Don
An investigation of industry and firm structural characteristics in corporate turnarounds. (United Kingdom)Business, generalPant, Laurie W.
Assessing mobility barriers in dynamic strategic groups analysis.Business, generalFiegenbaum, Avi, Sudharshan, D., Thomas, Howard
A study of organizational 'framework' and 'process' modalities for the implementation of business-level strategic decisions.Business, generalDaft, Richard L., Skivington, James E.
A test of peformance similarity among strategic group members in conforming and non-conforming industry structures. (includes appendix)Business, generalLawless, Michael W., Tegarden, Linda Finch
Chairmen and chief executives: an exploration of their relationship.Business, generalStewart, R.
Champions of change and strategic shifts: the role of internal and external change advocates.Business, generalGinsberg, Ari, Abrahamson, Eric
Coming to terms with the field: understanding and doing organizational ethnography.Business, generalRosen, Michael
Commodity bundling for competitive advantage: strategic implications.Business, generalLawless, Michael W.
Corporate contributions as managerial masques: reframing corporate contributions as strategies to influence society.Business, generalHaley, Usha C.V.
Determinants of strategic planning systems in large organizations: a contingency approach.Business, generalKukalis, Sal
Diversification and performance: critical review and future directions.Business, generalDatta, Deepak K., Rajagopalan, Nandini, Rasheed, Abdul M.A.
Entrepreneurial versus conservative firms: a comparison of strategies and performance.Business, generalCovin, Jeffrey G.
Innovation without change: the contradiction between theories-espoused and theories-in-use.Business, generalObloj, Krzysztof, Davis, Anne S.
Middle managers: victims or vanguards of the entrepreneurial movement?Business, generalFulop, Liz
Organizational symbolism and ideology.Business, generalAlvesson, Mats
Receipt of information and influence over decisions in hospitals by the board, chief executive officer and medical staff.Business, generalProvan, Keith G.
Some everyday rituals in management control.Business, generalGolding, David
Strategic flexibility for high technology manoeuvres: a conceptual framework.Business, generalEvans, J. Stuart
Strategic investment decision-making: complexities, politics and processes.Business, generalPike, Richard, Butler, Richard, Davies, Les, Sharp, John
Strategic planning and financial performance: a meta-analytic review.Business, generalBoyd, Brian K.
The effect of decision-making styles and contextual experience on executives' descriptions of organizational problem formulation. (includes appendices)Business, generalCowan, David A.
The effects of formalization on departments of a multi-hospital system.Business, generalHetherington, Robert W.
The impact of spouse's career-orientation on managers during international transfers.Business, generalBlack, Stewart, Stephens, Gregory K.
The impact of the product/production process interaction on the evolution of strategic response.Business, generalBracker, Jeffrey S., Pearson, John N., Feldman, Howard D.
UK venture capital funds and the funding of new technology-based businesses: process and relationships. (United Kingdom)Business, generalSweeting, R.C.
Whatever happened to the philosopher-king? The leader's addiction to power.Business, generalKets de Vries, Manfred F.R.
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