Journal of Management Studies 1990 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1990
A comparative analysis of strategic decisions.Business, generalSchilit, Warren Keith
Adopting Japanese-style manufacturing methods: a tale of two (UK) factories.Business, generalOliver, Nick, Davies, Annette
A research agenda for strategic management in the 1990s. (Refocusing the Journal Of Management Studies)Business, generalLyles, Marjorie A.
Assessing rational and intuitive styles: a human information processing metaphor.Business, generalTaggart, William, Valenzi, Enzo
A strategic perspective of bank financial conglomerates in London after the Crash. (October 1987 stock market crash)Business, generalGardener, Edward P.M.
Bases of interorganization co-operation: propensity, power, persistence. (Refocusing the Journal of Management Studies)Business, generalNewman, William H., Harrigan, Kathryn Rudie
Construing organizational texture in young entrepreneurial firms. (The Texture of Organizing)Business, generalBouwen, Rene, Steyaert, Chris
Corporate rejuvenation. (Refocusing the Journal of Management Studies)Business, generalBaden-Fuller, Charles, Stopford, John M.
Identifying factors which influence product innovation: a case study approach.Business, generalRomano, Claudio A.
Performance implications of strategic coalignment: a methodological perspective.Business, generalVenkatraman, N.
Planning and tactical factors in the project implementation process.Business, generalPrescott, John E., Pinto, Jeffrey K.
Professionals and innovation: structural-functional versus radical-structural perspectives.Business, generalDrazin, Robert
Public services management: activities, initiatives and limits to learning.Business, generalWillcocks, Leslie, Harrow, Jenny
Relationships of job categories and organizational levels to use of communications channels, including electronic mail: a meta-analysis and extension.Business, generalRice, Ronald E., Shook, Douglas E.
Strategic decisions made by top executives and middle managers with data and process dominant styles.Business, generalNutt, Paul C.
Strategic time periods and strategic groups research: concepts and an empirical example.Business, generalFiegenbaum, Avi, Sudharshan, D., Thomas, Howard
Structured observation of managerial work: a replication and synthesis.Business, generalMartinko, Mark J., Gardner, William L.
The corporate performance conundrum: a synthesis of contemporary views and an extension.Business, generalVaradarajan, P. Rajan, Ramanujam, Vasudevan
The industrial market as an interfirm organization.Business, generalReddy, N. Mohan, Rao, M.V. Hayagreeva
The strategic contingencies theory of power: multiple perspectives.Business, generalSaunders, Carol Stoak
The substitutability of strategic control choices: an empirical study.Business, generalSnodgrass, Coral R., Szewczak, Edward J.
The symbolic impact of double bind leadership: double bind and the dynamics of organizational culture.Business, generalHennestad, Bjorn W.
The 'texture' of organizing in an Italian university department. (The Texture of Organizing)Business, generalGherardi, Silvia, Strati, Antonio
The 'texture' of organizing. (The Texture of Organizing)Business, generalFox, Stephen, Cooper, Robert
Women's centres: relationships between values and action. (The Texture of Organizing)Business, generalBrown, M. Helen
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