Journal of Management Studies 1988 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1988
Career orientations in different countries and companies: an empirical investigation of West German, British and U.S. industrial R & D professionals.Business, generalGerpott, Torsten J., Keller, Robert T., Domsch, Michel
Challenger: fine-tunning the odds until something breaks. (Special Issue: Industrial Crisis Management: Learning from Organizational Failures)Business, generalMilliken, Frances J., Starbuck, William H.
Conflict approaches of effective and ineffective project managers: a field study in a matrix organization.Business, generalTjosvold, Dean, Barker, Jeffrey, Andrews, I. Robert
Corporate control type, strategy, size and financial performance.Business, generalHill, Charles W.L.
Disaster crisis management: a summary of research findings. (Special Issue: Industrial Crisis Management: Learning from Organizational Failures)Business, generalQuarantelli, E.L.
Dissimilar structural and control profiles of educational and technical organizations.Business, generalKoberg, Christine S.
Effects of countertrade-divergent perceptions between practitioners and non-participants.Business, generalShipley, David, Neale, C.W.
Enacted sensemaking in crisis situations. (Special Issue: Industrial Crisis Management: Learning from Organizational Failures)Business, generalWeick, Karl E.
Environmental structure and theories of strategic choice.Business, generalWhittington, R.
Management strategy and new technology in retail distribution: a comparative case study.Business, generalBamber, Greg J., Lansbury, Russell D.
Managerial perceptions of marketing planning.Business, generalGreenley, Gordon E.
Managerial thinking: an African perspective.Business, generalJones, Merrick
Organizational adaptation: some implications of organizational ecology for strategic choice.Business, generalZammuto, Raymond F.
Participation under conditions of conflict: more on the validity of the Vroom-Yetton model.Business, generalJago, Arthur G., Ettling, Jennifer T.
Research on strategic groups: progress and prognosis.Business, generalThomas, Howard, Venkatraman, N.
Sporadic, fluid and constricted processes: three types of strategic decision making in organizations.Business, generalButler, Richard J., Wilson, David C., Cray, David, Mallory, Geoffrey R., Hickson, David J.
Strategic problem formulation: biases and assumptions embedded in alternative decision-making models.Business, generalLyles, Marjorie A., Thomas, Howard
The cognitive perspective on strategic decision making.Business, generalSchwenk, Charles R.
The influence of organization structure on the utility of an entrepreneurial top management style.Business, generalCovin, Jeffrey G., Slevin, Dennis P.
The learning styles questionnaire: an alternative to Kolb's inventory?Business, generalAllinson, Christopher W., Hayes, John
The myth of the corporate political jungle: politicization as a political strategy.Business, generalKlein, Jonathan I.
The state-SOE relationship: some patterns. (state-owned enterprise)Business, generalHafsi, T., Koenig, C.
Understanding industrial crises. (Special Issue: Industrial Crisis Management: Learning from Organizational Failures)Business, generalMitroff, Ian I., Miller, Danny, Shrivastava, Paul, Miglani, Anil
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