Journal of Management Studies 1987 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1987
An examination of the influence of middle-level managers in formulating and implementing strategic decisions.Business, generalSchilit, Warren Keith
An examination of the underlying dynamics of strategic decisions subject to upward influence activity.Business, generalSchilit, Warren Keith, Paine, Frank T.
Bargaining within the enterprise: centralized or decentralized?Business, generalKinnie, Nicholas
Context and action in the transformation of the firm. (Special Issue: Organizational Transformations)Business, generalPettigrew, Andrew M.
Contrasting planning systems in high, medium and low performance companies.Business, generalRhyne, Lawrence C.
Cultural change: an integration of three different views. (Special Issue: Organizational Transformations)Business, generalMeyerson, Debra, Martin, Joanne
Determinants and consequences of task uncertainty: a laboratory and field investigation.Business, generalVictor, Bart, Blackburn, Richard S.
Environment, organization and effectiveness: a biographical approach. (Special Issue: Organizational Transformations)Business, generalKimberly, John R., Rottman, David B.
Factory managers: their role in personnel management and their place in the company.Business, generalEdwards, Paul K.
Formal industrial relations and workplace power: a study on the railway.Business, generalEdwards, Christine
Formalization and the organizational life cycle.Business, generalDewar, Robert D., Walsh, James P.
How organic is your organization? Determinants of organic-mechanistic tendencies in a public accounting firm.Business, generalZanzi, Alberto
Human resource management and industrial relations.Business, generalGuest, David E.
Industrialization, management education and training systems: a comparative analysisBusiness, generalWarner, Malcolm
Interpreting organizational texts.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Kets De Vries, Manfred F.R.
Legal regulation and the constraint of constituent satisfaction.Business, generalWagner, John A., III, Schneider, Benjamin
Management strategy and the redesign of workrules.Business, generalCappelli, Peter, McKersie, Robert B.
Mapping management styles in employee relations.Business, generalPurcell, John
Normal change or risky business: institutional effects on the 'hazard' of change in hospital organizations, 1959-79. (Special Issue: Organizational Transformations)Business, generalZucke, Lynne G.
Perceived attributes of planning staff effectiveness.Business, generalJavidan, Mansour
Strategic industrial relations and human resource management - distinction, definition and recognition. (Great Britain)Business, generalMiller, P.
Strategy and structural adjustment to regain fit and performance: in defence of contingency theory.Business, generalDonaldson, Lex
Studying managerial work: a critique and a proposal.Business, generalWillmott, Hugh
The administrative component of organizations and the ratchet effect: a critique to cross-sectional studies.Business, generalMontanari, John R., Adelman, Philip J.
The context and process of organizational transformation - Cadbury Limited in its sector. (Special Issue: Organizational Transformations)Business, generalSmith, Chris, Child, John
The effects of goal emphasis on performance on a complex task.Business, generalLocke, Edwin A., Somers, Richard L.
The management of new office technology: choice, control and social structure in the insurance industry.Business, generalStorey, John
The management of the personnel function.Business, generalTyson, Shaun
The strategic management of technological innovations: a review and a model.Business, generalSouder, William E., Shrivastava, Paul
The structures of industrial development. (Great Britain)Business, generalBurrell, Gibson, Shearman, Claire
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