Journal of Management Studies 1986 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1986
A cultural theory of information bias in organizations.Business, generalThompson, Michael, Wildavsky, Aaron
A mathematical model of the adaptive behavior of organizations.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Friesen, Peter H.
An analysis of the turnaround strategy in commercial banking.Business, generalO'Neill, Hugh M.
British employees: responding to Japanese management philosophies.Business, generalReitsperger, Wolf
Computer technology and the redefinition of supervision: a study of the effects of computerization on railway freight supervisors.Business, generalDawson, Patrick, McLouglin, Ian
Corporate culture: the last frontier of control.Business, generalRay, Carol Axtell
Divisionalization, decentralization and performance of large United Kingdom companies.Business, generalPickering, J.F., Hill, C.W.L.
Employee-ownership and economic decline in Western industrial democracies.Business, generalBradley, Keith
Environmental characteristics and organizational climate: an exploratory study.Business, generalDastmalchian, Ali
Excellent companies as social movements.Business, generalSoeters, Joseph L.
Introducing market forces into managerial decision-making in Chinese industrial enterprises.Business, generalHenley, John S., Nyaw, Mee Kau
Japanese management: coping with British industrial relations.Business, generalReitsperger, Wolf D.
Management control: the roles of rules, markets and culture.Business, generalLebas, Michel, Weigenstein, Jane
Management in context: an essay on the relevance of culture to the understanding of organizational change.Business, generalFeldman, Steven P.
Managers' prototypes of financial firms.Business, generalWalton, Eric J.
Marketing as innovation: the eighth paradigm.Business, generalSimmonds, Kenneth
Metaphor or reification: Are radical humanists really libertarian anarchists?Business, generalTinker, Tony
Organizational culture and work group behaviour: an empirical study.Business, generalAmsa, P.
Organizational culture as related to industry, position and performance: a preliminary report.Business, generalReynolds, Paul D.
Proactive versus reactive manager: is the dichotomy realistic?Business, generalLarson, Lars L., Bussom, Robert S., Vicars, William, Jauch, Lawrence
Relationships among corporate level distinctive competencies, diversification strategy, corporate structure and performance.Business, generalHitt, Michael A., Ireland, R. Duane
Resistance to change: a psychoanalytic critique of Argyris and Schon's contributions to organization theory and intervention.Business, generalDiamond, Michael A.
Technology and span of control: Woodward revisited.Business, generalCollins, Paul D., Hull, Frank
The make-buy decision and managing markets: the case of management buy-outs.Business, generalWright, Mike
The management of meaning in the Polish crisis.Business, generalCzarniawska, Barbara
The need for middle-out development of marketing strategy.Business, generalBoxer, P.J., Wensley, J.R.C.
The processing of crisis and non-crisis strategic issues.Business, generalDutton, Jane E.
Towards a market imperfections theory of organizational structure in developing countries.Business, generalKiggundu, Moses N., Jorgenson, Jan J., Hafsi, Taieb
Voluntary organizations in action: strategy in the voluntary sector.Business, generalButler, Richard J., Wilson, David C.
What do managers do? A critical review of the evidence.Business, generalHales, Colin P.
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