Journal of Management Studies 1985 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1985
A comparative analysis of research and development managerial jobs across two sectors.Business, generalPavett, Cynthia M., Lau, Alan W.
A systems approach to bank prudential management and supervision: the utilization of feedforward control.Business, generalGardener, Edward P.M.
How to solve communication problems on the R and D interface. ( )Business, generalFaas, F.A.M.J.
Obstacles to strategy implementation in a nationalized industry.Business, generalWernham, Rog
Organization design and the life-cycles of products.Business, generalDonaldson, Lex
Planners' perceptions of the strategic management process.Business, generalGinter, Peter M., Rucks, Andrew C., Duncan, W Jack
Proprietorial control in family firms: some functions of 'Quasi-organic' management systems.Business, generalGoffee, Robert, Scase, Richard
Psychological dimensions of personal responsibility for public management: an object relations approach.Business, generalDiamond, Michael A.
Relationship of managerial ability to unit effectiveness in more organic versus more mechanistic departments.Business, generalGillen, Dennis J., Carroll, Stephen J.
Strategic awareness, personal commitment and the process of planning in the small business.Business, generalGibb, Allan, Scott, Mike
The process organizational structure.Business, generalTelem, Moshe
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