Journal of Management in Engineering 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Management in Engineering 1998
AIA contract revisions: a user's guide. (American Institute of Architects)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPatterson, Carol J.
An integrated project management system.Engineering and manufacturing industriesZipf, Peter J.
Applying learning to graduate from being a small firm. (techniques to attain corporate growth)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Aspiring to and preparing for engineering firm ownership.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
A summary of Construction Congress V.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRussell, Jeffrey S., Jaselskis, Edward J., Anderson, Stuart D., Hendrickson, Mark L.
Averting excavation disaster.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBernold, Leonhard E., Carver, Catherine, Lorenc, Steven J.
Before you stand up to speak.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Career fitness. (techniques in career development)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWeddle, Peter D.
Career insurance for today's engineer.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrug, Jim
Closure by Patricia A. Hecker. (response to article by James C. Porter, in this issue, p. 65-66)Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Collaborations subcommittee keynote address.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGood, Mary L.
Communicating technical ideas persuasively.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLester, Mel
Communication and career advancement.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobar, Tracy Y.
Company, right turn. (proper decision-making)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Construction Congress keynote address.(Transcript)Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Continuing education as part of effective risk management.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHobbs, James D.
Cost prediction of facilities. (response to John Christian and Amar Pandeya, Journal of Management in Engineering, vol. 13, no. 1, January/February 1997)(includes reply)Engineering and manufacturing industriesKeating, Kevin, Beach, Randy, Carson, John
Dave's top ten signals that you might need a better management approach.Engineering and manufacturing industriesThompson, David S., Gomer, William G.
Design/build alternative: a contracting method.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRizzo, Jack
Design/build solutions.Engineering and manufacturing industriesFriedlander, Mark C.
Developing careers: a different perspective. (techniques in recruiting the best employees seeking to develop their careers)Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Employment agreements for senior personnel: practical guidelines.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPatterson, Carol J.
Exploring engineering opportunities in Southeast Asia.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
From engineer to entrepreneur: making the transition.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBergeron, H. Edmund
From product to behavior.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCarroll, James R.
Graduate education in the workplace. (appropriate graduate education course for engineers)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHensey, Mel
Here's what works. (engineering project management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWalesh, Stuart G.
How and when to select a wetlands expert.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMcKone, Peter D., Hollinger, Douglas
How do you manage a multiemployer workplace?Engineering and manufacturing industriesRoberts, Lois
Human resources strategies for successful consulting engineering firms. (comment on an article by Patricia A. Hecker, Journal of Management in Engineering, September/October 1996)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPorter, James C.
Improving construction methods: a story about quality. (use of total quality management and partnering methods by contractors)Engineering and manufacturing industriesChase, Gerald W.
Improving the performance appraisal process.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrug, Jim
Into the 21st century: a great time to be a civil engineer.Engineering and manufacturing industriesOxer, J. Paul
Leadership in transition: preparing your firm for your successor.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLinowes, Joanne G.
Learning never stops! (importance of continuing education)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Leveraging management skills to serve the community.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWalesh, Stuart G.
Listening between the lines.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLinowes, Joanne G.
Management in engineering - small can be beautiful.Engineering and manufacturing industriesThorn, Robert B.
Maximizing CEO performance. (chief executive officer)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHensey, Mel
Partnering: agreeing to agree.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSlater, Thomas S.
POISE yourself for success. (plan, organize, impress, sell and engage marketing technique)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLinowes, Joanne G.
Privatization and the public/private partnership.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHenk, Gregory G.
Professional Practice Survey results. (survey on the civil engineering profession)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAllen, Richard K.
Project delivery and the U.S. Department of State.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRetherford, Nick
Project delivery trends: a contractor's assessment.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMulvey, Dennis L.
Resources for ongoing professional development.Engineering and manufacturing industriesFink, Michael
Risky business. (construction projects)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRubin, Robert A., Wordes, Dana
Seminar review: applying technology in project management and product design.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRussell, Jeffrey S., Flack, David A.
Some myths about team dynamics.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrug, Jim
Speaking with style.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Speak out: the engineer as communicator. (developing public speaking skills)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJansen, David
Teamwork success. (interview with Boeing Chmn & CEO Philip Condit)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Teamwork - the key to productivity.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMendelsohn, Roy
Techniques for administrative creativity in local government.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPadival, Navnit
The case for a Technology Management Institute.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWalesh, Stuart G., Russell, Jeffrey S., Bates, Gary D., Hayden, William M., Jr., Flack, David A.
The need to learn, and why engineers may be poor students.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCayes, Kim
The new B-141 agreement.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPatterson, Carol J.
The next 25 years: the future of the construction industry.(Transcript)Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Tips for completing your wetlands permit.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMcKone, Peter D., Hollinger, Douglas
Understanding Generation X.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrug, Jim
Weighing the options.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGroton, James P., Smith, George Anthony
Who pays for defective design?Engineering and manufacturing industriesSweeney, Neal J.
Winning ADR battles. (alternative dispute resolution)Engineering and manufacturing industriesTorone, Brian
Wisdom from an "old' mentor. (Howard McMillan)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBates, Gary D.
You may not think so, but you are a salesman!Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Brian J.
Your resume can help you assess and build your career.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMcNichol, John
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