Journal of Macroeconomics 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 2001
A model of exchange rate crises with Partisan Governments.(Brief Article)EconomicsMeon, Pierre-Guillaume
A multisectoral log-linear model of economic growth with Marshallian externalities.(Brief Article)EconomicsNeusser, Klaus
Cross-effects of fundamental state variables.(Brief Article)EconomicsEwing, Bradley T.
Do real wages respond asymmetrically to unemployment shocks? Evidence from the U.S. and Canada.(Brief Article)EconomicsEnders, Walter, Dibooglu, Selahattin
Exchange rate uncertainty and firm profitability.(Brief Article)EconomicsBaum, Christopher F., Barkoulas, John T., Caglayan, Mustafa
New evidence on real exchange rate stationarity and purchasing power parity in less developed countries.(Brief Article)EconomicsHolmes, Mark J.
Prewar and postwar macroeconomic uncertainty: an international perspective.(Brief Article)EconomicsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina, Pozo, Susan
Testing an augmented fisher hypothesis for a small open economy: The case of Finland.(Brief Article)EconomicsJunttila, Juha
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