Journal of Macroeconomics 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1999
A model of the production lag and work-in-process inventories.EconomicsBivin, David
An analysis of the effectiveness of policy based on basins of attraction.EconomicsSoliman, A.S.
An evaluation of Federal Reserve forecasting: comment.(response to Dennis W. Jansen and Ruby Pandey Kishan, Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 18, p. 89, winter 1996)EconomicsStekler, H.O., Joutz, Frederick L.
An evaluation of Federal Reserve forecasting: reply.(response to article by Frederick L. Joutz and H.O. Stekler in this issue, p. 179)EconomicsJansen, Dennis W., Kishan, P.
A survey of alternative methodologies for estimating potential output and the output gap.EconomicsGuay, Alain, Dupasquier, Chantal, St-Amant, Pierre
A taxation policy toward capital, technology and long-run growth.EconomicsRusso, Benjamin, Lin, Hwan C.
Complex dynamics of the real exchange rate in an open macroeconomic model.EconomicsChen, Shikuan
Cyclical risk, sectoral allocations and growth.EconomicsCollard, Fabrice, Dellas, Harris
Demographic transition, stagnation, and demoeconomic cycles in a model for the less developed economy.EconomicsStrulik, Holger
Does seasonality influence the dating of business cycle turnng points?EconomicsFranses, Philip Hans, Paap, Richard
Dynamic fiscal policy with regime-duration uncertainty: the tax-cut case.EconomicsElder, Erick
Economic growth in the perpetual-youth model: implications of the annuity market and demographics.EconomicsSheng-Cheng, Hu
Employment protection and aggregate unemployment.EconomicsGroenewold, Nicolaas
Estimated inflation costs had European unemployment been reduced in the 1980s by macro policies.EconomicsFair, Ray C.
Formal training, on-the-job training and the allocation of time.EconomicsMarquis, Milton H., Einarsson, Tor
Government consumption and private investment in closed and open economies.EconomicsBarry, Frank
Harrod's "knife-edge" reconsidered: an application of the Hopf bifurcation theorem and numerical simulations.EconomicsYoshida, Hiroyuki
International sectoral spillovers: an empirical analysis for German and U.S. industries.EconomicsSmolny, Werner
Optimal revenue smoothing: the case of New Zealand.EconomicsGuender, Alfred V., Lees, Kirdan
Output effects of infrastructure investment in the Netherlands, 1853-1913.EconomicsGroote, Peter, Sturm, Jan-Egbert, Jacobs, Jan
Precautionary saving and economic growth.EconomicsRodriguez, Alvaro
Public infrastructure and private productivity: a stochastic-frontier approach.EconomicsWarren, Ronald S., Jr., Thompson, Herbert G., Jr., Delorme, Charles D., Jr.
Purchasing Power Parity in high-inflation Eastern European countries: evidence from fractional and Harris-Inder cointegration tests.EconomicsChoudhry, Taufiq
Risk, the spirit of capitalism and growth: the implications of a preference for capital.EconomicsSmith, William T.
Social security as an economic stabilization program.EconomicsAustin, D. Andrew
Testing the long-run implications of the neoclassical stochastic growth model: a panel-based unit root investigation for West German Lander, 1970-1994.EconomicsBohl, Martin T.
The asymmetric response of domestic prices to changes in import prices: a cointegration test of the rachet effect.EconomicsShirvani, Hassan, Wilbratte, Barry
The demand for taxable and tax-exempt money market mutual funds.EconomicsKoch, Timothy W., Farinella, Joseph A.
The dynamic effects of aggregate demand and supply disturbances in the G7 countries.EconomicsKeating, John W., Nye, John V.
The liquidity effect and the operating procedure of the Federal Reserve.EconomicsVilasuso, Jon
The timing and intensity of investment.EconomicsBar-Ilan, Avner, Strange, William C.
Will the Fed ever learn?(Federal Reserve Banks)EconomicsKasa, Kenneth
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