Journal of Macroeconomics 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1998
Active monetary policy and instability in a Phillips curve system.EconomicsMontoro, Juan D., Paz, Jose V., Roig, Miguel
An analysis of time-series estimates of capacity utilization.EconomicsKennedy, James E.
Canadian evidence on long-run neutrality propositions.EconomicsKoustas, Zisimos
Capital accumulation and taxation in a general equilibrium model with risky human capital.EconomicsRangazas, Peter, Lord, William
Central bank independence and financing government spending.EconomicsBerument, Hakan
Conversion to a consumption tax in a growth model with heterogeneity.EconomicsLewis, Kenneth A., Seidman, Laurence S.
Customer flows, countercyclical markups, and the output effects of technology shocks.EconomicsIreland, Peter N.
Economic impacts on the money supply process.EconomicsGauger, Jean
Evaluating McCallum's rule when monetary policy matters.EconomicsCroushore, Dean, Stark, Tom
Evaluating tax reforms in a monetary economy.EconomicsWen, Jean-Francois, Love, David R.F.
Exchange rate volatility: does politics matter?EconomicsLobo, Bento J., Tufte, David
Exchange risk and the supply-side effects of real interest rate changes.EconomicsSmithin, John, Paschakis, John
External debt and Ponzi-games in a small open economy with endogenous growth.EconomicsForslid, Rikard
Growth, welfare, and trade in an integrated model of human-capital accumulation and research.EconomicsArnold, Lutz G.
Identifying the effects of money supply shocks on industry-level output.EconomicsLastrapes, William D., Loo, Clifton Mark
Inflation and risky investment in an economy with asymmetric information and monopolistic loans market.EconomicsMukherji, Nivedita
Inflation, expectations, and output: Lucas's islands revisited.EconomicsMichener, Ron
Information-based bank runs in a monetary economy.EconomicsLoewy, Michael B.
Monetary policy games and international migration of labor in interdependent economies.EconomicsAgiomirgianakis, George M.
Money demand and nominal debt: an equilibrium model of the liquidity effect.EconomicsSumner, Scott, Gulley, O. David, Newman, Ross
Money demand during hyperinflation: cointegration, rational expectations, and the importance of money demand shocks.EconomicsEngsted, Tom
Monopolistic competition, trading externality, and the multiplier.EconomicsCheung, Kee-Nam
Multiple equilibria and rules of thumb.EconomicsEllis, Christopher J.
Okun's law, cointegration and gap variables.EconomicsAttfield, Clifford L.F., Silverstone, Brian
On the optimal seigniorage hypothesis.EconomicsAmano, Robert A.
Partisan policies, macroeconomic performance and political support.EconomicsSwank, Otto H.
Partisan profiles in presidential policies: methodological issues and empirical evidence reconsidered.EconomicsMaussner, Alfred, Kueppers, Markus
Predicting tax rate changes: insights from the permanent income hypothesis.EconomicsKiley, Michael T.
Real interest rates, liquidity constraints and financial deregulation: private consumption behavior in the U.K.EconomicsSarno, Lucio, Taylor, Mark P.
Savings in the Uzawa-Lucas model of economic growth.EconomicsO'Connell, Joan
Supply-side asymmetry and the non-neutrality of demand fluctuations.EconomicsKandil, Magda
Testing for credit rationing: an application of disequilibrium econometrics.EconomicsPerez, Stephen J.
The aggregate existence of precautionary saving: time-series evidence from expenditures on nondurable and durable goods.EconomicsWilson, Bradley K.
The decline of a paradigm: the quantity theory and recovery in the 1930s.EconomicsSteindl, Frank G.
The general relation between two different notions of direct and indirect input requirements.EconomicsHo Un Gim, Koonchan Kim
The monetary approach to the exchange rate: long-run relationships, identification and temporal stability.EconomicsDiamandis, Panayiotis F., Kouretas, Georgios P., Georguotsos, Dimistris A.
The relation between contract duration and the inflation uncertainty: further evidence.EconomicsKanago, Bryce
The rise of goods-market competition and the decline in wage indexation: a macroeconomic approach.EconomicsDuca, John V., Hoose, David D. van
The transmission of interest rate changes and the role of bank balance sheets: a VAR-analysis for the Netherlands.(vector autoregressive)EconomicsGarretsen, Harry, Swank, Job
The wage bargaining structure and the inflationary bias.EconomicsForteza, Alvaro
Wage contracts, capital mobility, and macroeconomic policy.EconomicsAgenor, Pierre-Richard
Wage indexation and government intervention under perfect information.EconomicsLawler, Phillip
Was monetary policy impotent or simply contracyclical in the 1980s?EconomicsTanner, J. Ernest, Pescatrice, Donn
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