Journal of Macroeconomics 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1997
A cointegration analysis of the U.S. money supply process.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMott, Tracy, Baghestani, Hamid
An empirical analysis of the output effects of temporary and persistent government purchases.EconomicsNi, Shawn, Lee, Kiseok
An empirical study of dynamic labor demand with integrated forcing processes.EconomicsAmano, Robert A., Wirjanto, Tony S.
A permanent income model of public consumption.(economic model validation)EconomicsPark, Walter G.
Appointments, presidential power, and the Federal Reserve.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKeech, William R., Morris, Irwin L.
Are exchange rate expectations adaptive? Evidence from a structural open economy macro model.EconomicsAlba, Joseph D.
A time series analysis of the relationship between inflation uncertainty and unemployment.EconomicsHong Tang, Cunningham, Steven R., Vilasuso, Jon R.
Breaking trend functions in real exchange rates: evidence from seventeen OECD countries.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)EconomicsSerletis, Apostolos, Zimonopoulos, Grigorios
Business cycles, seasonal cycles, and common trends.EconomicsWells, John M.
Calibration and real business cycle models: an unothodox experiment.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsHartley, James, Salyer, Kevin, Sheffrin, Steven
Capital markets integration, volatility, and persistence.EconomicsAizenman, Joshua
Contract duration, inflation uncertainty, and the welfare effects of inflation.EconomicsDavis, George, Kanago, Bryce
Does tax smoothing differ by the level of government? Time series evidence from Canada and the United States.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsStrazicich, Mark C.
Economic growth with negative externalities in innovation.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsRoy, Udayan
Foreign exchange market efficiency and structural instability: evidence from Taiwan.EconomicsWu, Jyh-Lin
Government size and economic growth in developing countries: a political-economy framework.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsGuseh, James S.
Growth and terms of trade: a North-South macroeconomic framework.(world economy)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsSarkar, Prabirjit
Implications of Solow's growth model in the presence of a stochastic steady state.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsCellini, Roberto
Income velocity in turbulent times: the role of institutional factors in the New Zealand experience.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsSiklos, Pierre L., Eckhold, Kelly R.
Inflation and capital accumulation in a two-sector cash-in-advance economy.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsTeh-Ming Huo
Is good macroeconomics management important for growth?EconomicsBleaney, Michael F.
Just, unjust, and just-cause dismissals.EconomicsCarter, Thomas J., De Lancey, Paul R.
Keynesian multipliers, direct crowding out, and the optimal provision of public goods.EconomicsHeijdra, Ben J., Ligthart, Jenny E.
Long-run effects of monetary expansion in a two-sector model of endogenous growth.EconomicsMino, Kazuo
Long-run money demand and inflation in China.EconomicsChen, Baizhu
Median citizen's macroeconomic preference and inflationary bias.EconomicsFox, Gerald T.
Military spending, government disarray, and economic growth: a cross-country empirical analysis.EconomicsBrumm, Harold J.
Monetary unions and the effects of seigniorage sharing.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsTori, Cynthia Royal
More uncertainty about the unit root in U.S. real GNP.(gross national product)EconomicsRothman, Philip
Nominal price and wage adjustment to foreign price changes.EconomicsAndersen, Torben M.
On the excess sensitivity of consumption to information about income.EconomicsAntzoulatos, Angelos A.
On wage indexing, policy credibility and inflation.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMourmouras, Iannis A.
Sectoral contributions to total factor productivity: another perspective on the growth slowdown.EconomicsCasler, Stephen D., Gallatin, Matthew S.
Stochastic trends in stock prices: evidence from Latin American markets.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsChoudhry, Taufiq
Taxes on capital accumulation and economic growth.EconomicsIhori, Toshihiro
The asymmetric effects of political pressures on U.S. monetary policyEconomicsHavrilesky, Thomas, Froyen, Richard T., Waud, Roger N.
The demand for M1 in a large macroeconomic system: evidence from cointegration analysis.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsDavies, Stephen, Cutler, Harvey, Rhodd, Janice, Schwarm, Walter
The disaggregated money demand in the long run.EconomicsReffett, Kevin L., Norrbin, Stefan C.
The macroeconomic implications of inequality aversion.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsParker, Simon C.
The monetary model of exchange rates: evidence from the Canadian float of the 1950s.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsChoudhry, Taufiq, Lawler, Phillip
The optimal rate of inflation when capital is taxed.EconomicsPecorino, Paul
The optimal response of consumption, investment, and debt accumulation to an exogenous shock when the world interest rate is endogenous.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsGlenn, Kirsta M.
The specification of money demand, fiscal policy, and exchange rate dynamics.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsWen-Ya Chang, Ching-Chong Lai
Time aggregation and the money-real GDP relationship.(gross domestic product)EconomicsCunningham, Steven R., Vilasuso, Jon R.
Wage indexation and the exchange rate regime: a strategic analysis.EconomicsDe Bruyne, Guido
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