Journal of Macroeconomics 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1996
Aggregate economic fluctuations in endogenous growth models.EconomicsOzlu, Elvan
All politics is local: the effect of fiscal and monetary constitutions on economic policy.EconomicsPayne, James E., Sowell, Clifford, Boyes, William J., Mounts, W. M. Stewart, Jr.
An evaluation of Federal Reserve forecasting. (Federal Reserve System)EconomicsJansen, Dennis W., Kishan, Ruby Pandey
A simple pecuniary model of money and growth with transactions cost.EconomicsZhang, Junxi
A substitution test of long-run money demand.EconomicsReffett, Kevin L., Norrbin, Stefan C.
Balanced budget multipliers.EconomicsWynne, Mark A.
Comment on Frenkel and Taylor's "Money Demand and Inflation in Yugoslavia, 1980-1989." (response to Jacob A. Frenkel and Mark P. Taylor, Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 15, p. 455, 1993)EconomicsPetrovic, Pavle, Vujosevic, Zorica
Do federal deficits affect interest rates? Evidence from three econometric methods.EconomicsMiller, Stephen M., Russek, Frank S.
Endogenous growth cycles: Arrow's learning by doing reconsidered.(Kenneth J. Arrow, economist)EconomicsGreiner, Alfred
External debt and fiscal adjustment in anti-inflation programs.EconomicsEllis, Michael A.
Financial dualism in a cash-in-advance economy.EconomicsDaniel, Betty C., Hong-Bum Kim
Fueling the engine of growth with investment in infrastructure: a lesson from neoclassical growth theory.EconomicsNeill, Jon R.
Further evidence on the stabilization of postwar economic fluctuations.EconomicsParker, Randall E., Rothman, Philip
Heterogeneous capital, economic growth, and economic development.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsGapinski, James H.
How financial markets process money information: a re-examination of evidence using band spectrum regression.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsErol, Umit, Balkan, Erol M.
Interest rate convergence, capital controls, risk premia and foreign exchange market efficiency in the EMS.(European Monetary System)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsPittis, Nikitas, Kalyvitis, Sarantis, Caporale, Guglielmo Maria
Macroeconomic conditions, class mobility, and inequality.EconomicsVijverberg, Chu-Ping C.
Money, taxes, and endogenous growth.EconomicsSmith, R. Todd
Note on human capital externalities.EconomicsMarquis, Milton H., Einarsson, Tor
Oil price volatility and the macroeconomy.EconomicsFerderer, J. Peter
On asymmetric costs of disequilibrium and forecasting money demand.EconomicsRatti, Ronald A., Lee, Kiseok
On finite life times and growth.EconomicsChetty, V.K., Ratha, Dilip
Permanent income and credit rationing in the open economy multiplier/accelerator model: an exercise for the developing countries case.EconomicsKaskarelis, Ioannis A., Varelas, Erotokritos G.
Political business cycles when real activity is persistent.EconomicsGartner, Manfred
Predicting the pattern of economics research: the case of the real business cycle theory.EconomicsKirschner, Denise, Wooheon Rhee
Real disturbances, relative prices and purchasing power parity.EconomicsDibooglu, Selahattin
Seigniorage and tax smoothing: testing the extended tax-smoothing model.EconomicsEvans, J. Lynne, Amey, Michael C.
Sources of business-cycle volatility: an exploratory study on a sample of OECD countries.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKarras, Georgios, Song, Frank
Target zones and alternative proposals for G3 policy coordination: an empirical evaluation using GEM. (Global Econometric Model)EconomicsGarratt, Anthony, Currie, David, Christodoulakis, Nicos
Testing for a unit root in time series with trend breaks.EconomicsLee, Jim
The behavior of velocity and nominal interest rates in a cash-in-advance model.EconomicsBasu, Parantap, Dua, Pami
The black market exchange rate and demand for money in Iran.EconomicsBahmani-Oskooee, Mohsen
The cointegrating relationship between productivity, real exchange rates and purchasing power parity.EconomicsStrauss, Jack
The development of modern macroeconomics: reflections in the light of Johnson's analysis after twenty-five years.EconomicsVane, Howard R., Snowdon, Brian
The effect of changing monetary policy regimes on stock prices.EconomicsKearney, Adrienne A.
The long-run variance of output and inflation under alternative monetary policy rules.EconomicsDefina, Robert H., Stark, Thomas C., Taylor, Herbert E.
The macroeconomic effects of the postwar baby boom: evidence from Australia.EconomicsLenehan, A.J.
The role of detrending methods in a model of real business cycles.EconomicsPark, Gonyung
Transitions from stable equilibrium points to periodic cycles to chaos in a Phillips curve system.EconomicsSoliman, A.S.
Who pays for fiscal expansion? Distributional effects of fiscal spending in a small open economy with foreign capital.EconomicsFung, Michael Ka-Yiu
Why are the effects of money-supply shocks asymmetric? Convex aggregate supply or 'pushing on a string'?(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKarras, Georgios
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