Journal of Macroeconomics 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1995
A cross-industry examination of the Lucas misperceptions model.EconomicsKandil, Magda, Woods, Jeffrey G.
A Markov switching model for the Hungarian price stabilization plan of 1924.EconomicsImrohoroglu, Selahattin
A simple economy with human capital: transitional dynamics, technology shocks, and fiscal policies.EconomicsFaig, Miquel
A statistical note on possible institutional regimes in budget policy.EconomicsMounts, WM. Stewart, Sowell, Clifford
Can fiscal spending be contractionary when interest rates have supply-side effects?EconomicsMyatt, Anthony, Scarth, William M.
Capital complementarity, time-to-build, and the persistence of investment starts.EconomicsMontgomery, Michael R.
Consumption, external assets and the real interest rate.EconomicsOtto, Glenn, Voss, Graham M.
Credibility effects of price controls in disinflation programs.EconomicsAgenor, Pierre-Richard
Deflating the productivity norm.EconomicsDowd, Kevin
Do shifts in federal reserve policy regimes explain interest rate anomalies?EconomicsHakes, David R., Gamber, Edward N.
Equilibrium policy with dynamically naive agents.EconomicsLoewy, Michael B.
Growth and finance: an intertemporal model.EconomicsSemmler, Willi, Asada, Toichiro
Growth with imported capital goods, limited export demand and foreign debt.EconomicsZiesemer, Thomas
High inflation rates and the long-run money demand function: evidence from cointegration tests.EconomicsChoudhry, Taufiq
Ignorance may be optimal? Some welfare implications of rational versus non-rational expectations.EconomicsBlack, David C., Dowd, Michael R., Holmes, James M.
Inflation and money growth under the International Gold Standard, 1850-1913.EconomicsFisher, Douglas, Craig, Lee A., Spencer, Theresa A.
Inflation and the asymmetric effects of money on output fluctuations.EconomicsRhee, Wooheon, Rich, Robert W.
Inflation and the real price of equities: theory with some empirical evidence.EconomicsBianconi, Marcelo
Inflation, human capital accumulation and long-run growth. (response to Ping Wang and Chong Y. Yip, Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 14, p. 359, 1992)EconomicsPecorino, Paul
Inflation, reserve requirements, and real interest rates with direct and indirect loan markets.EconomicsDavis, George, Toma, Mark
Intertemporal substitution in war and peace: evidence from the United Kingdom, 1830-1990.EconomicsVan Dalen, Hendrik P.
Long-run relations among the G-5 and G-7 equity markets: evidence on the Plaza and Louvre accords.EconomicsLeachman, Lori L., Francis, Bill
Monetary policy and macroeconomic equilibrium in an oligopolistic economy.EconomicsDamania, D., Madsen, Jakob B.
Monetary policy as a decision-making hierarchy: the case of Taiwan.EconomicsShen, Chung-Hua, Hakes, David R.
On equilibrium credit rationing and interest rates.EconomicsGray, Jo Anna, Wu, Ying
Optimal management of international reserves.EconomicsJung, Chulho
Optimal seigniorage versus interest rate smoothing.EconomicsFroyen, Richard T., Waud, Roger N.
Price cyclicality in the natural rate-nominal demand shock model.EconomicsHall, Thomas E.
Public and private investment: are there causal linkages?EconomicsWohar, Mark E., Erenburg, S.J.
Symmetry restrictions and the semblance of neutrality in exchange rate models.EconomicsGoldberg, Michael D.
Testing aggregate neutrality with heterogeneous sectors.EconomicsLandon, Stuart
The case for a "productivity norm": comment on Dowd. (comment on K. Dowd in this issue, p. 717)EconomicsSelgin, George
The effect of macroeconomic variables on economic growth rates: a cross-country study.EconomicsGarrison, Charles B., Lee, Feng-Yao
The Fisher effect: reprise.EconomicsPelaez, Rolando F.
The information content of the yield curve in Australia.EconomicsKarfakis, Costas I., Moschos, Demetrios M.
The liquidity effect: identifying short-run interest rate dynamics using long-run restrictions.EconomicsSelgin, George, Lastrapes, William D.
The quantity theory of money and its long-run implications.EconomicsGupta, Kanhaya L., Moazzami, Bakhtiar
The Sung and Ming paper monies: currency competition and currency bubbles.EconomicsChen, Chau-Nan, Chang, Pin-Tsun, Chen, Shikuan
Trends versus cycles: asymmetric preferences and heterogeneous individual responses.EconomicsPemberton, James
Vintage capital accumulation: endogenous growth conditions.Economicsde Mello, L. R., Jr.
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