Journal of Macroeconomics 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1993
An empirical open-economy macro model with credit.EconomicsRogers, John H., Fackler, James S.
Consumption, liquidity constrainst and economic development.EconomicsVaidyanathan, Geetha
Credibility and political business cycles.EconomicsEllis, Christopher J., Thoma, Mark A.
Differential information and optimal feedback policy in new classical macroeconomic models.EconomicsBradley, Michael D., Jansen, Dennis W.
Disequilibrium dynamics during the Great Depression.EconomicsArcand, Jean-Louis L., Brezis, Elise S.
Does endogeneity of the money supply disprove monetary effects on economic activity?EconomicsCagan, Phillip
Economic growth models with trade unions: NAIRU and union behavior. (non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment)EconomicsYabuta, Masahiro
Economic stabilization in developed and developing countries: an empirical investigation.EconomicsKandil, Magda
Employment determination in macroeconomic models: some empirical evidence.EconomicsHofler, Richard A., Spector, Lee C.
Equilibrium vacancy and unemployment: a flow approach to the Beveridge curve.EconomicsGross, Dominique M.
Forward markets and changes in macroeconomic performance: the case of oil.EconomicsFarmer, Richard D.
Imperfect competition as a micro foundation for Keynesian macroeconomics: a graphical analysis.EconomicsNaish, Howard
Informational advantage, exogenous variability, and economic welfare: can the informational advantage of the policymaker reduce welfare?EconomicsFukuda, Shin-Ichi
Job security in an efficiency wage model.EconomicsSjostrom, William
Monetary policies in an intertemporal macroeconomic model with imperfect competition.EconomicsFender, John, Yip, Chong K.
Money demand and inflation in Yugoslavia, 1980-1989.EconomicsTaylor, Mark P., Frenkel, Jacob A.
Money in the utility function: functional equivalence to a shopping-time model.EconomicsCroushore, Dean
On perfect foresight and uncertainty in economic models: two monetary examples.EconomicsBianconi, Marcelo
Permanent income and long-run stability in a generalized multiplier/accelerator model.EconomicsBiederman, Daniel K.
Purchasing power parity in the major EMS countries: the role of price and exchange rate adjustment. (European Monetary System)EconomicsChowdhury, Abdur R., Sdogati, Fabio
Sources of U.S. macroeconomic fluctuations: 1973-1989.EconomicsKarras, Georgios
Testing for unit roots with very high frequency spot exchange rate data.EconomicsGoodhart, Charles A.E., McMahon, Patrick C., Ngama, Yerima
Tests of long-run purchasing power parity using alternative methodologies.EconomicsFlynn, N. Alston, Boucher, Janice L.
The covariability of productivity shocks across industries.EconomicsLebow, David E.
The impact of raising the US investment rate on the wage of low-educated labor.EconomicsLewis, Kenneth A., Seidman, Laurence S.
The role of money in Canada.EconomicsSerletis, Apostolos, King, Martin
The size of the random walk in macroeconomic time series.EconomicsRaj, Baldev
Uncertainty in interdependent economies with monopoly unions.EconomicsJensen, Henrik
Unemployment, wage indexation and commercial policies.EconomicsChao, Chi-Chur, Conlon, John R.
Velocity of money in a modified cash-in-advance economy: theory and evidence.EconomicsWang, Ping, Palivos, Theodore, Zhang, Jianbo
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