Journal of Macroeconomics 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Macroeconomics 1992
A flow of funds test of the capital inflow hypothesis. (includes bibliography)EconomicsHosek, William R., Zahn, Frank
A generalized method of moments approach to estimating a "structural vector autoregression."EconomicsWalsh, Carl E., Hartley, Peter R.
A geometry for non-Walrasian general equilibrium theory. (includes bibliography)EconomicsBasu, Kaushik
An evaluation of Blinder's alternative to profit sharing. (Alan Blinder)EconomicsScarth, William
A note on the sustainability of primary budget deficits.EconomicsBo Nielsen, Soren
A reexamination of market returns, discount rate changes, and market efficiency.EconomicsMay, Don O.
Asset returns and inflation in a cash-in-advance economy. (includes bibliography)EconomicsNakibullah, Ashraf
Capital accumulation, price stability, and base drift.EconomicsMarquis, Milton H.
Capital mobility and anticipated inflation with cash-in-advance constraints. (includes bibliography and appendix)EconomicsMarjit, Sugata, Banerji, Sanjay
Cash-in-advance, buffer-stock monetarism, and the loanable funds-liquidity preference debate in an open economy.EconomicsMiller, Norman C.
Credit rationing, implicit contracts, risk aversion, and the variability of interest rates.EconomicsOkekalns, Nilss, Sibly, Hugh
Dynamic implications of chaotic monetary policy.EconomicsMitchell, Douglas W., DeCoster, Gregory P.
Endogenous innovation in neo-classical growth models: a survey.EconomicsVerspagen, Bart
Examining the long-run effect of money on economic growth.EconomicsWang, Ping, Yip, Chong K.
Exchange rate preannouncement and economic activity: a note on Southern Conestabilization attempts. (economic policy trends of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay)EconomicsRama, Martin
Incomplete information, stabilization, and the relationship between inflation and unemployment.EconomicsKovanen, Arto
Inflation, corruption, and income distribution: the recent price reform in China. (includes bibliography)EconomicsWong, Kar-Yiu
Inflation-unemployment trade-offs of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents: empirical evidence on the partisan theory. (includes bibliography)EconomicsSmyth, David J., Taylor, Susan Washburn
International macroeconomic interdependence, currency substitution, and price stickiness. (includes bibliography and appendix)EconomicsZervoyianni, Athina
Measurement errors in survey forecasts of expected inflation and the rationality of inflation expectations.EconomicsSmyth, David J.
Monetary anticipations and the demand for money: further tests of shock-absorber price equations. (includes bibliography and appendix)EconomicsOwen, P. Dorian, Fox, Kevin J.
Monetary neutrality in a dynamic macroeconomic model under alternative monetary regimes. (includes bibliography)EconomicsBelcher, Lawrence J.
On the Keynes and Pigou effects in aggregate demand theory.EconomicsKyer, Ben L., Maggs, Gary E.
Optimal monetary policy with an interest-equalization tax in a two-country macroeconomic model.EconomicsBenavie, Arthur, Froyen, Richard
Presidential preferences for inflation versus unemployment.EconomicsZaleski, Peter A.
Price setting, imperfect information and the law of one price.EconomicsDaniel, Betty C.
Private profit and public capital. (includes bibliography and appendix)EconomicsLynde, Catherine
Rational expectations and the demand for money: a nonparametric approach.EconomicsFisher, Douglas, McCrickard, Myra
Risk aversion and stock market volatility.EconomicsYoung, Leslie, Boyle, Glenn W.
Some international evidence on the exogeneity of the ex-ante real rate of interest and the rationality of expectations. (includes bibliography)EconomicsThoma, Mark A.
Speculative attacks: the roles of intertemporal substitution and the interest elasticity of the demand for money.EconomicsKimbrough, Kent P.
Stochastic trends in consumption and the term structure of interest rates.EconomicsFisher, Lance A., Richardson, Paul A.
Stock markets and the exchange rate: a multi-country approach.EconomicsSmith, C.E.
Stock returns and inflation: further tests of the role of the central bank.EconomicsEly, David P., Robinson, Kenneth J.
Tax smoothing and tariff behavior in the United States.EconomicsKimbrough, Kent P., Gardner, Grant W.
The design of an interest rate rule with staggered contracting and costly transacting.EconomicsReinhart, Vincent
The determinants of the tax-adjusted real interest rate. (includes bibliography)EconomicsAllen, Stuart D.
The dollar and the US terms of trade.EconomicsKoch, Paul D., Rosensweig, Jeffrey A.
The federal funds rate and the arbitrage pricing theory: evidence that monetary policy matters.EconomicsThorbecke, Willem, Alami, Tarik
The non-neutrality of money and the optimal monetary growth rule when preferences are recursive: cash-in-advance vs. money in the utility function.EconomicsHayakawa, Hiroaki
Using the correct economic interpretation to prove the Hawkins-Simon-Nikaido theorem: one more note. (response to Yukihiko Fujita, Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 13, p. 381, 1991 and Ki-jun Jeong, Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 4, p. 349, 1982)EconomicsDasgupta, Dipankar
Wealth, income, and consumption in a developing economy.EconomicsLaumas, Prem S., Porter-Hudak, Susan
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