Journal of Housing 1989 - Abstracts

Journal of Housing 1989
A conversation with Lawrence M. Cox. (interview)Social sciences 
Are you discriminating? ( analysis of the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988)Social sciencesGoebel, Paul R., Lively, Dean E., Jr.
Commissioner & counselor: enemies or allies? (includes related article on housing law)Social sciencesBarron, Myra H.
Computer networks. (Journal of Housing Lab No. 37)Social sciences 
Computers: what to expect and how to select.Social sciencesFortin, Richard A.
Employee assisted housing: a new tool for low- and moderate - income families.Social sciencesSchwartz, David O., Ferlauto, Richard, Hoffman, Daniel
Fighting the drug trade. (Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority) ( column)Social sciencesMarker, David F.
Global urbanization: mobilizing international H/CD partnerships.Social sciencesSumka, Howard J.
Good work: architects' designs for low-income housing.Social sciences 
H-CD after Reagan: a new cycle of policies and partners. (housing and community development)Social sciencesNenno, Mary K.
Housing: far from fair. (analysis of the Fair Housing Amendments of 1988)Social sciencesStokes, Louis
Housing quotas: pro and con.Social sciencesCooper, Terence
How to automate property management operations.Social sciencesMcNair, Sandy
HUD's computer plans. (Housing and Urban Development)Social sciencesMcKay, Nan
HUD: the real scandal. (Department of Housing and Urban Development)Social sciencesAddison, Eric
Journal of Housing LAB No. 36: hazardous materials.Social sciences 
Kendall Square revisited: a 'continuing' success story. (redevelopment of Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts)Social sciencesTercyak, Thad J.
Low-cost enhancements. (No. 38) (adding outdoor amenities at low-cost)Social sciences 
NAHRO in Seattle. (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials)Social sciencesBattle. Stafford L.
NAHRO's H-CD Excellence Award Winners. (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials awards for excellence in housing and community development)Social sciences 
National lotteries: a housing shortage solution?Social sciencesBerkshire, Tom J.
New directions in welfare and housing assistance.Social sciences 
Protecting information. (housing and community development computers)Social sciencesBailey, James M.
Public housing authorities: the quota question.Social sciencesWilson, Robert C.
Security products. (Journal of Housing Lab No. 40)Social sciences 
Shared housing: an adaptable affordable housing option. (includes related article on successful shared housing ventures)Social sciencesMyers, Diana T.
Sheltering the homeless: creating permanent housing.Social sciencesBarnes, Kerron R.
The 1989 JOH buyer's guide. (Journal of Housing)Social sciences 
The HUD scandal: an overview. (Department of Housing and Urban Development) (includes related article on plan to stop HUD abuses)Social sciences 
The JOH 1989 computer products review. (Journal of Housing)Social sciencesBattle, Stafford
The rewards of racial prejudice.Social sciencesCooper, Terence
Trust funds: new trends in housing finance.Social sciencesNenno, Mary K., Colyer, George S.
Urban renewal: an administrator remembers.Social sciencesFarris, Charles L.
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