Journal of Film and Video 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 2007
Acting choices/filmic choices: Rethinking montage and performance.Motion picturesBaron, Cynthia
American myth and national inspiration: Bill Couturie's Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.Motion picturesWatson, Ryan
An amateur of quality: postwar French cinema and Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Silence de la mer.Motion picturesPalmer, Tim
Challenging narratives: Crossovers in prime time.Motion picturesKjelstrup, J. Richard
From celluloid to video: the tragedy of the Nigerian film industry.Motion picturesOlayiwola, Abiodun
Governing images: The politics of film and video distribution in late-apartheid and postapartheid South Africa.Motion picturesRivers, Patrick Lynn
Loss and transformation: mourning and "The Finished People".Motion picturesSmaill, Belinda
"MTV aesthetics" at the movies: interrogating a film criticism fallacy.Motion picturesCalavita, Marco
Mystery Science Theater 3000, media consciousness, and the postmodern allegory of the captive audience.(Viewpoint essay)Motion picturesKing, John
Race, class, and the pressure to pass in American maternal melodrama: The case of Stella Dallas.Motion picturesWhitney, Allison
Riot in Girls Town: remaking, revising, and redressing the teenpic.Motion picturesBrickman, Barbara Jane
The emerging video film industry in Nigeria: challenges and prospects.Motion picturesEbewo, Patrick J.
The internet and contemporary entertainment: rethinking the role of the film text.Motion picturesOwczarski, Kimberly A.
Traversing cinematic borders: An interview with Paul Espinosa.(Interview)Motion picturesBernardi, Daniel
Twilight of the idols: Performance, melodramatic villainy, and Sunset Boulevard.Motion picturesTaylor, Aaron
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