Journal of Film and Video 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 2006
Breathtaking: Bette Davis's performance at the End of Now, Voyager.Motion picturesShingler, Martin
Cloaked classification: The misdirection film and generic duplicity.Motion picturesFriedman, Seth A.
Course file: An integrated approach to teaching production and Entertainment Law.Motion picturesTimmer, Joel
Howard Hawks: American gesture.Motion picturesMcElhaney, Joe
"I don't see any method at all": The problem of actorly transformation.Motion picturesEsch, Kevin
Performance design: An analysis of film acting and sound design.Motion picturesMarcello, Starr A.
Puce modern moment: Camp, postmodernism, and the films of Kenneth Anger.Motion picturesBrook, Vincent
Reconceptualizing screen performance.Motion picturesDrake, Philip
The material poetry of acting: "Objects of Attention," performance style, and gender in The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.Motion picturesCarnicke, Sharon Marie
The problem of the Divo: New models for analyzing silent-film performance.Motion picturesSwender, Rebecca
The sound of film acting.Motion picturesWojcik, Pamela Robertson
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