Journal of Film and Video 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 2005
Ant farm redux: Pyrotechnics and emergence.Motion picturesMellencamp, Patricia
Canada's multimedia master: An E-mail interview with Michael Snow.(Interview)Motion picturesVarela, Willie
Cans and cassettes.Motion picturesKuchar, George
Cinematic dis-contents: Addressing a Latin/Latino avant-grade through the browser apparatus.Motion picturesBaugh, Scott L.
From the indexical to the spectacle: On Zhang Yimou's postmodern turn in Not One Less.Motion picturesYiman Wang
Interpreting reality: Los olvidados and the documentary mode.Motion picturesJones, Julie
Marx in a Texas love triangle: "Marrying up" and the classed gaze in Days of Haven.Motion picturesWondra, Janet
Moviegoing and gole-making: The case of Blade Runner.Motion picturesWilson, Eric G.
Remembering Stan Brakhage: An E-mail conversation between Steve Anker and Willie Varela.(Interview)Motion picturesVarela, Willie
Technostructural expectations.Motion picturesSmall, Edward S.
The Paradoxes of Quirigua.Motion picturesLerner, Jesse
The pitfalls of media "representations": David Lynch's Lost Highway.Motion picturesO'Connor, Tom
The Scream trilogy, "hyperpostmodernism," and the late-nineties teen slasher film.Motion picturesWee, Valerie
Transcending time: Jean Harlow and Hollywood's narrative of decline.Motion picturesAddison, Heather
We will not go quietly: Some thoughts on the avant-grade, then and now.Motion picturesVarela, Willie
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