Journal of Film and Video 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 2004
A big fat indie success story? Press discourses surrounding the making and marketing of a "Hollywood" movie.(My Big Fat Greek Wedding)Motion picturesPerren, Alisa
An oneric figure: The various logics of Mulholland drive.Motion picturesAndrews, David
A River Runs Through It: Metanarrative and self-discovery.Motion picturesKupfer, Joseph
Camp for camp's sake: Absolutely Fabulous, self-consciousness, and the Mae West debate.Motion picturesSchuyler, MIchael T.
Dead-end days: The sacrifice of displaced workers on film.Motion picturesKing, Neal
Domesticating madness, revisiting polishness: The cinema of Marek Koterski.Motion picturesMazierska, Ewa
From evidentiary presentation to art-ful re-presentation: Media images, civil rights documentaries, and the audiovisual writing of history.Motion picturesBrasell, Bruce R.
Gunning for a new slow motion: The 45-degree shutter and the representation of violence.Motion picturesPeebles, Stacey
'No Hay Banda, and yet We hear a Band': David Lynch's reversal of coherence in Mulholland Drive.Motion picturesHudosn, Jennifer A.
On gone with the wind, Selznick, and the art of 'Mickey Mousing': An interview with Max Steiner.(Interview)Motion picturesSchreibman, Myrl A.
Seeing double: Stunt performance and masculinity.Motion picturesSmith, Jacob
"Serving" American orientalism: Negotiating identities in The Courtship of Eddie's Father.Motion picturesKim, L.S.
The sense of an ending: Youth apocalypse films.Motion picturesBenjamin, Richard
Ugly Americans in togas: Imperial anxiety in the cold war Hollywood epic.Motion picturesMurphy, Geraldine
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