Journal of Film and Video 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 2001
A mixed bag: negotiating claims in MTV's The Real World.Motion picturesBagley, George
Apocrypha meets The Pentagon Papers: the appeals to the X-Files to the X-Phile.Motion picturesHaggins, Bambi L.
Course file for "Crossing Boundaries: Diversity and Representation".Motion picturesSeckinger, Beverly
Crowd control: early cinema, sound, and digital images.Motion picturesFaden, Eric S.
Differences: the X-Files, race and the white norm.Motion picturesKydd, Elspeth
Directing actors for the screen.Motion picturesKingdon, Tom
Interpreting a man's world: female voices in 'Badlands' and 'Days of Heaven'.(filmmaker Terrence Malick)(Critical Essay)Motion picturesMcGettigan, Joan
Method filmmaking: an interview with Daniel Myrick, co-director of The Blair Witch Project.(Interview)Motion picturesMcDowell, Scott Dixon
Now you are a killer of white men: Jim Jarmusch's 'Dead Man' and the traditions of revisionism in the Western.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesHall, Mary Katherine
Prey TV televangelism and interpellation.Motion picturesHowley, Kevin
Represented in the margins: images of African American soldiers in Vietnam War combat films.Motion picturesWoodman, Brian J.
Streetwise: rethinking motion picture arts education.Motion picturesSheffield, Sandra Lee
Teaching media.Motion picturesSabal, Rob
The education of women in film production.Motion picturesOrwin, Anne, Carageorge, Adrianne
The New Religious Right versus media wrongs: AFA flights temptation.Motion picturesOlsen, David S.
The pleasures of disappointment: sequels and the Godfather, Part II.Motion picturesBerliner, Todd
The professor as censor: creative limitation and film production pedagogy.Motion picturesFranklin, David
The question of Third Cinema: African and Middle Eastern cinema.Motion picturesStollery, Martin
The X-Files and the borders of the post-cold war world.Motion picturesKinney, Katherine
To be rather than to seem: liberal education & personal growth through documentary production.Motion picturesEdwards, Emily D.
Visible fandom: reading the X-Files through X-Philes.Motion picturesWooley, Christine A.
What is the criterion? The Criterion Collection as an archive of film as culture.Motion picturesKendrick, James
When victims speak (or, what happened when Spielberg added 'Amistad' to his list?).(Steven Spielberg)(Critical Essay)Motion picturesLipkin, Steve
Working together: multicultural media literacy and "The Community".Motion picturesLeGrande, Suzanne, Vargas, Jocelyn Geliga
X-Philes: imaginations of millenial anxieties.Motion picturesRamirez, John, Olsen, David S.
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