Journal of Film and Video 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 1998
Checks and imbalances: political economy and the rise and rall of 'East Side/West Side'.(television program)(Critical Essay)Motion picturesBrook, Vincent
Cinematic inscriptions of Otherness: sounding a critique of subjectivity.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesHausmann, Vincent
Different, except in a different way: marriage, divorce, and gender in the Hollywood comedy of remarriage.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesGilmour, Heather
Empty seats: the missing history of movie-watching.Motion picturesCorbett, Kevin J.
From Hollywood to Hester Street: ghetto film, melodrama, and the image of the assimilated Jew in 'Hungry Hearts'.Motion picturesKonzett, Delia Caparoso
History revenged: Monty Python translates Chretien de Troyes's 'Perceval, or the Story of the Grail' (again).(1974 film, 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail')(Critical Essay)Motion picturesMurrell, Elizabeth
June Mathis's 'Classified': one woman's response to modernism.(motion picture writer and producer)(Critical Essay)Motion picturesSlater, Thomas J.
"Let's go places with Jimmy": James Cagney as 1930s immigrant icon.Motion picturesTracey, Grant
Miroslaw Rogala's 'Zhou Brothers': collaboration, process, and documentation.Motion picturesLellis, George
Sound for film: audio education for filmmakers.Motion picturesLazar, Wanda
"Spent for us": Capra's technologies of mastery in 'Lady for a Day'.(Frank Capra)(Critical Essay)Motion picturesKubek, Elizabeth
Television music: automaticity and the case of Mike Post.(composer of television scores)Motion picturesFink, Edward J.
The confessing animal in 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape'.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesTempleton, Alice
The eye in the object: identification and surveillance in Samuel Beckett's screen dramas.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesFreund, Peter
'The First Wife': an adaptation of Colette's 'The Other Wife'.(screenplay 'Variations on Colette')(Critical Essay)Motion picturesTolchinsky, David E.
The image of the Other and the Other 'Dances With Wolves': the refigured Indian and the textual supplement.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesPrats, Armando Jose
The other living-room war: prime time combat series, 1962-1975.(Critical Essay)Motion picturesWorland, Rick
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