Journal of Film and Video 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 1997
At work in the genre laboratory: Brian DePalma's "Scarface." (film)Motion picturesWelsch, Tricia
Course file for "documentary film, visual anthropology, and visual sociology."Motion picturesTomaselli, Keyan G., Shepperson, Arnold
Course file for 'Narrative Film: Theory and Practice.'Motion picturesRush, Jeff
Experimenting with the entertainment-education strategy in film and video.Motion picturesBrown, William J., Meeks, J. Duane
Getting closer to folk TV production: nontraditional uses of video in the U.S. and other cultures.Motion picturesBurch, Elizabeth
Language as narrative voice: the poetics of the highly inflected screenplay.Motion picturesRush, Jeff, Baughman, Cynthia
Oscar Micheaux the entrepreneur: financing "The House Behind the Cedars." (film)Motion picturesRegester, Charlene
Portraits of the postmodern person in "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," and "The King of Comedy." (films)Motion picturesMortimer, Barbara
Presidents forum: what should UFVA bring forward from the past to the future? (University Film and Video Assn.)(Panel Discussion)(Transcript)Motion pictures 
Scripting for a viewer response: Woolrich, Truffaut, and 'The Bride Wore Black.' (Cornell Woolrich; Francois Truffaut)Motion picturesBuzzard, Sharon
Scripting narrative for interactive multimedia.Motion picturesGarrand, Timothy
Snapshots of Greece: "Never on Sunday" and the East/West politics of the 'Vacation Film.'Motion picturesStrain, Ellen
The canon and cultural studies: culture and anarchy in Gotham City.Motion picturesDebona, Guerric
The career and influence of Ed Pincus: shifts in documentary epistemology.Motion picturesLane, Jim
The politics and paradoxes of censorship: 'Miss Lonelyhearts' in Hollywood.Motion picturesVeitch, Jonathan
The politics of passion: an interview with Antony Thomas.(Interview)Motion picturesRosenthal, Alan
Three scripts: Mike Hoolbloom.Motion picturesBaughman, Cynthia
Toward a reading of "The World Viewed." (book)Motion picturesRothman, William, Keane, Marian
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