Journal of Film and Video 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 1996
College course file: Studies in Genre - horror.Motion picturesOlson, Scott R.
Dialogue replacement for student productions.Motion picturesHank, Stephen
Hitchcock's melodramatic silence.Motion picturesHemmeter, Thomas
Home video and film: the case of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit.'Motion picturesTashiro, Charles
Local government regulation of the movies: the Dallas system, 1966-93.(classification of films)Motion picturesO'Leary, Brian
Making contact: working with the White Mountain Apache on 'Indian Summer.'Motion picturesSabal, Rob
Recreational terror: postmodern elements of the contemporary horror film.Motion picturesPinedo, Isabel
Rich and strange: the yuppie horror film.Motion picturesGrant, Barry Keith
Silencing the new woman: ethnic and social mobility in the melodramas of Norma Talmadge.(actress)Motion picturesSmith, Greg M.
Teaching film and television in developing nations: a Malaysian case study.Motion picturesHooper, Robert A.
The impact of digital video technology on production: the case of 'American Gothic.'Motion picturesFink, Edward J.
What a trip: the road film and American culture.Motion picturesLaderman, David
'Woman Speaks': representations of working women in postwar America.Motion picturesKalas, Andrea, Berenstein, Rhona J.
Women behind the camera: an interview with Leslie Hill.(Interview)Motion picturesKrasilovsky, Alexis
'You'll see it just as I saw it': voyeurism, fetishism, and the female spectator in 'Lady in the Lake.'(1947 film)Motion picturesWilliamson, Catherine
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