Journal of Film and Video 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 1995
Back from the sunset: the western, the Eastwood hero, and 'Unforgiven.'Motion picturesPrats, Armando J.
Camping under western stars: Joan Crawford in 'Johnny Guitar.'Motion picturesRobertson, Pamela
Cowboy wonderland, history, and myth: 'It ain't all that different than real life.'Motion picturesSimon, William G., Spence, Louise
Custer's still the hero: textual stability and transformation.Motion picturesPearson, Roberta E.
Finding a new 'Heimat' in the Wild West: Karl May and the German western of the 1960s.Motion picturesSchneider, Tassilo
Giggles and guns: the phallic myth in 'Unforgiven.'Motion picturesKelley, Susan M.
Parajanov's playful poetics: on the 'director's cut' of 'The Color of Pomegranates.'(Sergei Parajanov)Motion picturesSteffen, James
Politics, film studies, and the academy: a commentary.Motion picturesWorland, Rick
Pudovkin, Socialist Realism, and the classical Hollywood style.(Hollywood's impact on Vsevolod Pudovkin's film making style)Motion picturesKepley, Vance, Jr.
Romaine Fielding's real westerns.Motion picturesWoal, Linda Kowall, Woal, Michael
Semi-documentary/semi-fiction: an examination of genre in 'Strangers in Good Company.'Motion picturesGeorge, Diana
'The story of Custer in everything but name?': Colonel Thursday and 'Fort Apache.'Motion picturesNeale, Steve
Up close and in motion: Volvo invents cubist television.Motion picturesMiles, David H.
Using theatrical acting techniques in the production of short films.Motion picturesViera, Maria
Visiting filmmakers: why bother?Motion picturesMacDonald, Scott
Ways of seeing the Intifada: the case of Nahalin.(Western media's depiction of problems in developing nations)Motion picturesLoshitzky, Yosefa
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