Journal of Film and Video 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Film and Video 1992
Adela Sequeyro, Mexican film pioneer.Motion picturesAlfaro, Eduardo Vega de la, Martin, Patricia Torres San, Burton-Carvajal Julianne
A descriptive chronology of films by women in Venezuela, 1952-92.Motion picturesSchwartzman, Karen
An interview with Margot Benacerraf: 'Reveron,' 'Araya,' and the institutionalization of cinema in Venezuela. (Interview)Motion picturesSchwartzman, Karen, Calderon, Harel, Burton-Carvajal, Julianne
An interview with Maria Luisa Bemberg. (Interview)Motion picturesPick, Zuzana M.
At the crossroads. (Soviet cinema in the glasnost era)Motion picturesGourevich, Leonid
Fascinating machismo: toward an unmasking of heterosexual masculinity in Arturo Ripstein's 'El lugar sin limites.'Motion picturesMora, Sergio de la
Filmmaking, teaching, and the colonial experience: an immigrant's account from "English" Canada of a story of American success. (prospects for the Canadian film industry)Motion picturesCameron, Evan William
From portapak to camcorder: a brief history of guerrilla television. (independent television documentaries)Motion picturesBoyle, Deirdre
From zygote to global cinema via Su Friedrich's films. (American independent filmmaker; includes critique of Peter Watkin's film The Journey)Motion picturesMacDonald, Scott
Hochschule fur Film und Fernsehen (Babelsberg). (East German film and television school)Motion picturesNeumann, Roland
'I'm a Cansino': transformation, ethnicity, and authenticity in the construction of Rita Hayworth, American love goddess. (Margarita Carmen Cansino, Rita Hayworth's real name)Motion picturesMcLean, Adrienne L.
Readerly and writerly 'Letters From the Park.' (analysis of 'Cartas del parque,' based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's story)Motion picturesConde, Susana
Reconstructing Vertov: Soviet film theory and American radical documentary. (Soviet documentary filmmaker Dziga Vertov)Motion picturesZimmermann, Patricia R.
'Represento el pasado': political melodrama and Jesus Diaz's 'Lejania.'Motion picturesSilcox, S. Travis
Speaking for, speaking about, speaking with, or speaking alongside: an anthropological documentary dilemma. (reexamination of the social role of documentary filmmakers)Motion picturesRuby, Jay
The main tendencies of the film education system in perestroika. (Soviet film schools)Motion picturesDrobashenko, S., Sadchikov, I.
The unknown cinema: documentary screen, glasnost era. (Soviet documentaries)Motion picturesMouratov, Sergei
'The world in a drop of water': the feminist vision of Patricia Howell.Motion picturesHolmlund, Chris
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