Journal of Economic Theory 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Theory 2003
A characterization of the Shapley value in queueing problems.EconomicsFrancois Maniquet
A complete characterization of Pareto optimality for general OLG economies.(overlapping generations )EconomicsAntonio Molina-Abraldes, Juan Pintos-Clapes
A dual characterization of incentive efficiency.EconomicsBelen Jerez
A global Newton method to compute Nash equilibria.EconomicsRobert Wilson, Srihari Govindan
A metric for assessing the "goodness" of income distributions and the effect of price changes .EconomicsFranklin M. Fisher
A multinomial probit model of stochastic evolution.EconomicsDavid P. Myatt, Chris Wallace
An equilibrium analysis of information aggregation and fluctuations in markets with discrete decisions.EconomicsFrancisco M. Gonzalez, Paul Beaudry
Approximate cores of games and economies with clubs.EconomicsAlexander Kovalenkov, Myrna Wooders
Are rich people smarter?.EconomicsMoshe Levy
A search model of two-sided matching under nontransferable utility.EconomicsHiroyuki Adachi
Asymmetric English auctions.EconomicsVijay Krishna
Auctions with private uncertainty and resale opportunities.EconomicsPhilip A. Haile
Bargaining in a non-stationary environment.EconomicsMelvyn G. Coles, Abhinay Muthoo
Between liberalism and democracy.EconomicsDov Samet, David Schmeidler
Bidding for the future: signaling in auctions with an aftermarket.EconomicsJacob K. Goerce
Bid rotation and collusion in repeated auctions.EconomicsMasaki Aoyagi
Branching bandits: a sequential search process with correlated pay-offs.EconomicsGodfrey Keller
Buyer search and price dispersion: a laboratory study.EconomicsDaniel Friedman, Timothy N. Cason
Characterizations of bargaining solutions in production economies with unequal skills.EconomicsNaoki Yoshihara
Cheap talk in games with incomplete information.(Bayesian analysis)EconomicsElchanan Porath-Ben
Clever agents in adaptive learning.(bargaining model )EconomicsAlexander Matros
Coalition formation as a dynamic process.EconomicsHideo Konishi, Ray Debraj
Collateral constraints and the amplification mechanism.EconomicsArvind Krishnamurthy
Comment on "growth cycles and market crashes".(parameterizations)EconomicsAdrian Peralta-Alva
Conditional preference and updating.EconomicsTan Wang
Consequences, opportunities, and generalized consequentialism and non-consequentialism.EconomicsYongsheng Xu, Kotaro Suzumura
Consumer inertia, firm growth and industry dynamics.EconomicsRafael Rob, Arthur Fishman
Cooperation in Stochastic OLG games.EconomicsMattias K. Polborn, Matthias Messner
Coordination and discrimination in contracting with externalities: divide and conquer?EconomicsIlya Segal
Core of convex distortions of a probability.EconomicsG. Carlier, R.A. Dana
Does commodity money eliminate the indeterminacy of equilibrium?EconomicsRuilin Zhou
Dyanmics, cycles, and sunspot equilibria in 'genuinely dynamic fundamentally disaggregative' models of money.EconomicsRandall Wright, Ricardo Lagos Escobar
Dynamic common agency.(Equilibrium )EconomicsDirk Bergemann, Valimaki Juso
Economic growth, liquidity, and bank runs.EconomicsTodd Keister, Huberto M. Ennis
Economies with price-dependent preferences.EconomicsYves Balasko
Efficiency and surplus bounds in Cournot competition.EconomicsSimon P. Anderson, Regis Renault
Efficient strategy-proof exchange and minimum consumption guarantees.EconomicsShigehiro Serizawa, John A. Weymark
Entry, exit, and imperfect competition in the long run.EconomicsRabah Amir, Val E. Lambson
Equilibria in large games with continuous procedures.EconomicsAldo Rustichini
Equilibrium selection in global games with strategic complementarities.EconomicsDavid M. Frankel, Stephen Morris, Ady Pauzner
Evidence on the equivalence of the strategic and extensive form representation of games.EconomicsDavid J. Cooper, John Huyck B. Van
Exact arbitrage, well diversified portfolios and asset pricing in large markets.EconomicsYeneng Sun, Ali Khan M.
Excess demand functions with incomplete markets - a global result.EconomicsTakeshi Momi
Exchanging good ideas.EconomicsLouise C. Keely
Existence of adaptively stable sunspot equilibria near an indeterminate steady.(stationary sunspot equilibria )EconomicsSeppo Honkapohja, George W. Ewans
Existence of a monetary steady state in a matching model: indivisible money.EconomicsTao Zhu
Fiscal policy and indeterminacy in models of endogenous growth.EconomicsMichael Ben-Glad
From evolutionary to strategic stability.EconomicsKlaus Ritzberger, Stefano Demichelis
From private to public common agency.(Note)EconomicsEtiene Billette de Villemeur, Bruno Versaevel
Hope springs eternal: learning and the stability of cooperation in short horizon repeated games.EconomicsJohn R. Conlon
IID: independently and indistinguishably distributed.EconomicsLarry G. Epstein, Martin Schneider
Implementing efficient allocations in a model of financial intermediation.EconomicsEdward J. Green, Ping Lin
Indeterminacy and directed search.EconomicsMelvyn G. Coles, Jan Eeckhout
Information in conflicts.EconomicsKarl Warneryd
Informed trading and the 'leakage' of information.EconomicsAditya Goenka
Intermediaries and payments instruments.EconomicsBruce D. Smith, James Bullard
Jeffrey Scot Banks (1958-2000).(Obituary)EconomicsDavid Austen-Smith
Large market games with demand uncertainity.EconomicsJames Peck
Learnability and rationality of choice.EconomicsGil Kalai
Liquidity shocks and equilibrium liquidity premia.EconomicsMing Huang
Multiple transitional growth paths in endogenously growing open economies.EconomicsQinglai Meng
Necessity of transversality conditions for stochastic problems.EconomicsTakashi Kamihigashi
Negotiation and take it or leave it in common agency.EconomicsMichael Peters
Non-addictive habits: optimal consumption-portfolio policies.EconomicsJerome B. Detemple, Ioannis Karatzas
Non-Walrasian equilibria and the law of one price.EconomicsLeonidas C. Koutsougeras
Observable restrictions of general equilibrium models with financial markets.EconomicsFelix Kubler
On the consistency of stationary Markov equilibria with an exogenous distribution.EconomicsNorio Takeoka
On the duality between prior beliefs and trading demands.EconomicsMan-Chung Ng
On the failure of the linkage principle with financially constrained bidders.EconomicsHanming Fang, Sergio O. Parreiras
On the minimum degree of returns to scale in sunspot models of the business cycle.EconomicsThomas Hintermaier
Optimal random monetary policy with nominal rigidity.EconomicsBill Dupor
Ordinal efficiency and dominated sets of assignments.EconomicsAtila Abdulkadiroglu, Tayfun Sonmez
Output and price level effects of monetary uncertainty in a matching model.EconomicsNeil Wallace, Brett Katzman, John Kennan
Partnerships, lemons, and efficient trade.EconomicsBenny Moldovanu, Karsten Fieseler, Thomas Kittsteiner
Persuasion games with high order uncertainty.EconomicsFrederic Koessler
Private information revelation in common-value auctions.EconomicsVlad Mares, Ronald M. Harstad
Probabilistic representation of complexity.EconomicsRamon Casadesus-Masanell, Emre Ozdenoren, Nabil I. Al- Najjar
Quality undersupply and oversupply.EconomicsMax R. Blouin
Quasi-stationary cardinal utility and present bias.EconomicsTakashi Hayashi
Randomization and simplification in dynamic decision-making.EconomicsEhud Kalai, Eilon Solan
Random perturbations of deterministic equilibria.EconomicsGregory Gagnon
Rational panics and stock market crashes.EconomicsPietro Veronesi, Gadi Barlevy
Recursive multiple-priors.EconomicsLarry G. Epstein, Martin Schneider
Redistribute effects of minimal equal sacrifice taxation.EconomicsPatrick Moyes
Redistribution as a selection device.EconomicsHans Peter Gruner
Reference-dependent subjective expected utility.EconomicsRobert Sugden
Risk aversion and allocation to long-term bonds.EconomicsJessica A. Wachter
Robert W. Rosenthal.(died February 27, 2002)(Obituary)(Biography)EconomicsRoy Radner, Debraj Ray
Societal benefits of illiquid bonds.EconomicsNarayana R. Kocherlakota
Spanning with American options.EconomicsAlexandre Baptista M.
Stable schedule matching under revealed preference.EconomicsAhmet Alkan, David Gale
Stochastic growth: a duality approach.(note)EconomicsHerve Roche
Strategic interaction between futures and spot markets.EconomicsJose Luis Ferreira
Temporary bubbles.EconomicsPhilippe Michel, Bertrand Wigniolle
The economics of 'new blood.'EconomicsPing Wang, Theodore Palivos, Derek Laing
The effect of decision weights in bargaining problems.EconomicsVeronika Kobberling, Hans peters
The effects of periodic quotas limiting the stock of imports of durables.EconomicsStephen W. Salant, Gerard Gaudet
The electricity market game .EconomicsStephen E. Spear
The evolution of rationality and the Red Queen.EconomicsArthur J. Robson
The intraday liquidity management game .EconomicsMorten L. Bech, Rod Garratt
Time-consistent policies.EconomicsLarry Karp, In Ho Lee
Two-period cycles in a three-period overlapping generations model.EconomicsSteven Russell, Joydeep Bhattacharya
Unilateral production restrictions in a dynamic duopoly.EconomicsHassan Benchekroun
Uniqueness of stationary equilibria in a one-dimensional model of bargaining.(note)EconomicsSeok-ju Cho, John Duggan
Viscous demand.EconomicsRoy Radner
Voluntary contributions to a joint project with asymmetric agents.EconomicsPhilippe Jehiel, Olivier Compte
Wages and productivity growth in a competitive industry.EconomicsEmmanuel Petrakis, Helmut Bester
Welfare comparisons with bounded equivalence scales.EconomicsMarc Fleurbacy, Cyrille Hagnere, Alian Trannoy
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