Journal of Economic Theory 1984 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Theory 1984
A New Approach to the Incorporation of Attributes into Consumer Theory.EconomicsB.R. Barmish
A Simple Auctioneerless Mechanism with Walrasian Properties.EconomicsM. Walker
Avoiding Tax Avoidance: A (Repeated) Game Theoretic Approach.EconomicsJ. Greenberg
Multivariate Decision Making.EconomicsH. Levy, A. Levy
On Income Fluctuations and Capital Gains.EconomicsM.A. Sotomayor
On the Frontier Between Possibility and Impossibility Theorems in Social Choice.EconomicsT. Bandyopadhyay
Optimal Growth with Many Consumers.EconomicsR.E.Jr. Lucas, N.L. Stokey
Strategic Analysis of the Competitive Exercise of Certain Financial Options.EconomicsG.M. Constaninides, R.W. Rosenthal
Uncertainty and the Theory of International Trade in Long-Run Equilibrium.EconomicsL. Young
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