Journal of Economic Psychology 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2007
Activation of social norms in social dilemmas: a review of the evidence and reflections on the implications for environmental behaviour.Psychology and mental healthBiel, Anders, Thogersen, John
Adding exchange to charity: a reference price explanation.Psychology and mental healthWarlop, Luk, Pandelaere, Mario, Briers, Barbara
Determinants of the use of heuristic choice rules in the Swedish Premium Pension Scheme: an internet-based survey.(Survey)Psychology and mental healthSvedsater, Henrik, Garling, Tommy, Hedesstrom, Ted Martin
Framing effects and risk perception: the effect of prior performance presentation format on investment fund choice.Psychology and mental healthHasseldine, John, Diacon, Stephen
Heterogeneity in the relationship between income and happiness: a conceptual-referent-theory explanation.Psychology and mental healthRojas, Mariano
How does procedural justice shape the desirability of markets?Psychology and mental healthTyler, Tom R., Sondak, Harris
Learning to bargain.Psychology and mental healthKrause, Kate, Vesterlund, Lise, Harbaugh, William T.
Outcomes versus intentions: on the nature of fair behavior and its development with age.Psychology and mental healthSutter, Matthias
Weighing third-party fairness, efficiency, and self-interest in resource allocation decisions.Psychology and mental healthGarling, Tommy, Johansson, Lars-Olof, Gustafsson, Mathias, Olsson, Lars
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