Journal of Economic Psychology 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2005
A consumer behavior approach to modeling monopolistic competition.Psychology and mental healthCline, Thomas W., Davies, Antony
A cross-cultural examination of the relationship between materialism and individual values.Psychology and mental healthKilbourne, William, Grunhagen, Marko, Foley, Janice
Adult economic model and values survey: cross-national differences in economic beliefs.Psychology and mental healthAllen, Michael W., Leiser, David, Sik, Hung Ng
Affluence cues and first impressions: does it matter how the affluence was acquired?Psychology and mental healthChristopher, Andrew N., Jones, Jason R., Morgan, Ryan D., Marek, Pam, Troisi, Jordan D., Reinhart, David F.
A threat to tax morale: The case of Australian higher education policy.Psychology and mental healthBraithwaite, Valerie, Ahmed, Eliza
Buying and selling exchange goods: outcome information, curiosity and the endowment effect.Psychology and mental healthZeelenberg, Marcel, Dijk, Eric van, Ven, Niels van de
Categorising farming values as economic, conservation and lifestyle.(rsearch findings)Psychology and mental healthMaybery, Darryl, Crase, Lin, Gullifer, Chris
Comparing preference reversal for general lotteries and income distributions.Psychology and mental healthCamacho-Cuena, Eva, Seidl, Christian, Morone, Andrea
Comparing the protestant work ethic in the employed and unemployed in Australia.Psychology and mental healthHassall, Stacey L., Muller, Juanita J., Hassall, Emma J.
Compatibility effects in evaluations of satisfaction and loyalty.(research findings)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Michael D., Auh, Seigyoung
Compulsive buying in maturing consumer societies: An empirical re-inquiry.(postmodern German consumer societies in 1991 and 2001)Psychology and mental healthNeuner, Michael, Raab, Gerhard, Reisch, Lucia A.
Conformity and reciprocity in public good provision.(consumer psychology)Psychology and mental healthBardsley, Nicholas, Sausgruber, Rupert
Consumers, food and convenience: The long way from resource constraints to actual consumption patterns.(research findings)Psychology and mental healthGrunert, Klaus G., Scholderer, Joachim
Currencies as cultural symbols - an existential psychological perspective on reactions of Germans toward the Euro.Psychology and mental healthGreenberg, Jeff, Jonas, Eva, Fritsche, Immo
Debt and distress: evaluating the psychological cost of credit.Psychology and mental healthBrown, Sarah, Taylor, Karl, Price, Stephen Wheatley
Do smiles have a face value? Panel evidence from Amazonian Indians.(influence of smile on body-mass index - Bolivian Amazon)Psychology and mental healthLeonard, William R., Godoy, Ricardo, Reyes-Garcia, Victoria, Huanca, Tomas, Tanner, Susan, McDade, Thomas, Vadez, Vincent
Editorial comment: agreement between reviewers of Journal of Economic Psychology submissions.Psychology and mental health 
Effects of study design characteristics of WTA-WTP disparity: a meta analytical framework.(willing-to-pay, willing-to-accept)Psychology and mental healthSayman, Serdar, Onculer, Ayse
Emotions as a mechanism for boundedly rational agents: the fast and frugal way.Psychology and mental healthMuramatsu, Roberta, Hanoch, Yaniv
Ethics and efficiency and the role for government in fostering ethical conduct within the framework of Altman's behavioral model.(Morris Altman)Psychology and mental healthLevine, Aaron
Explaining choice option attractiveness by beliefs elicited by the laddering method.Psychology and mental healthGrunert, Klaus G., Bech-Larsen, Tino
Factors in lay preferences for government or private supply of services.(research findings)Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Kemp, Simon, Mahoney, Michelle S.
Fairness judgments in household decision making.Psychology and mental healthAntonides, Gerrit, Kroft, Maaike
Fear and loathing no more: the emergence of collaboration between economists and psychologists.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthHandgraaf, Michel J.J., Raaij, W. Fred van
How important is your personality? Labor market returns to personality of women in the US and UK.Psychology and mental healthGroves, Melissa Osborne
Indirect reciprocity in cyclical networks - an experimental study.Psychology and mental healthGreiner, Ben, Levati, M. Vittoria
Individual investors' reactions to decimalization: innovation diffusion in financial markets.(theory of diffusion of innovation-disruptive to behavior of potential adopters)Psychology and mental healthChakravarty, Sugato, Dubinsky, Alan
Integrating ethics and altruism with economics, or altruism, economics and Hume's dictum - a response to Morris Altman.Psychology and mental healthColander, David
Is "discrimination" necessary to explain the sex gap in earnings?Psychology and mental healthKanazawa, Satoshi
Lemons on the web: a signaling approach to the problem of trust in Internet commerce.Psychology and mental healthDubelaar, Chris, Lee, Boon-Chye, Ang, Lawrence
Long live Fenerbahce: the production boosting effects of football.(Turkish football team)Psychology and mental healthYucel, Eray M., Berument, Hakan
Managing cooperation via procedural fairness: the mediating influence of self-other merging.Psychology and mental healthCremer, David De, Tyler, Tom R., Ouden, Nathalie den
Mental accounting and decision making: Evidence under reverse conditions where money is spent for time saved.Psychology and mental healthKeasey, Kevin, Duxbury, Darren, Zhang, Hao, Chow, Shue Loong
Misperceptions of social norms about tax compliance: from theory to intervention.Psychology and mental healthWenzel, Michael
Money adventure: introducing economic concept in preschool children in South African context.Psychology and mental healthSmith, I., Roos, V., Chiroro, P., Coppenhagen, C. van, Heerden, E. Van, Abdoola, R.E., Robertson, K., Beukes, C.
Motivation or rationalisation? Causal relations between ethics, norms and tax compliance.Psychology and mental healthWenzel, Michael
Perceived fairness of pricing on the Internet.Psychology and mental healthHuang, Jen-Hung, Chang, Ching-Te, Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan
Psychological consequences on prices expectations of the currency as a unit of account.Psychology and mental healthFerrari, L., Lozza, E.
Relation of job search and choice process with subsequent satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthHighhouse, Scott, Crossley, Craig D.
The economics of ethics revisited and importance of economics: a response to the critics.Psychology and mental healthAltman, Morris
The effect of feedback on support for a sanctioning system in a social dilemma: the difference between installing and maintaining the sanction.Psychology and mental healthDijk, Eric van, Wilke, Henk A.M., Cremer, David De, Mulder, Laetitia B.
The effects of personality on earnings.Psychology and mental healthNyhus, Ellen K., Pons, Empar
The ethical economy and competitive markets: reconciling altruistic, moralistic, and ethical behavior with the rational economic agent and competitive markets.Psychology and mental healthAltman, Morris
The ethical economy and competitive markets: reconciling altruistic, moralistic, and ethical behavior with the rational economic agent and competitive markets: a commentary.Psychology and mental healthCullis, John
The framing effect and risky decisions: Examining cognitive functions with fMRI.(functional magnetic resonance imaging)Psychology and mental healthDana, Jason, Gonzalez, Cleotilde, Koshino, Hideya, Just, Marcel
The hierarchical structure of saving monies.(using network analysis)Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Canova, Luigina, Rattazzi, Anna Maria Manganelli
The impact of real effort and emotions in the power-to-take game.(decision making analysis)Psychology and mental healthWinden, Frans van, Sutter, Matthias, Bosman, Ronald
The influence of place attachment on recreation demand.(travel cost model - analysis)Psychology and mental healthBoxall, Peter C., Hailu, Getu, McFarlane, Bonita L.
The influence of price trend expectations on price trend perceptions: Why the Euro seems to make life more expensive?Psychology and mental healthGreitemeyer, Tobias, Frey, Dieter, Schulz-Hardt, Stefan, Traut-Mattaausch, Eva
The specificity of social dilemma situations.(decision making analysis)Psychology and mental healthPoppe, Matthijs
Typology of causes of poverty: the perception of Iranian farmers.Psychology and mental healthHayati, Dariush, Karami, Ezatollah
Why did you do that? An economic examination of the effect of extrinsic compensation on intrinsic motivation and performance.Psychology and mental healthJames, Harvey S., Jr.
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