Journal of Economic Psychology 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2004
A charitable view of altruism: Commentary on "What is altruism?' by Elias Khalil.(Critical commentary)Psychology and mental healthWalker, Catherine
A cross-cultural investigation of consumer e-shopping adoption.Psychology and mental healthChoi, Jayoung, Geistfeld, Loren V.
Affluence cues and first impressions: the moderating impact of the Protestant work ethic.Psychology and mental healthChristopher, Andrew N., Jones, Jason R.
Aggressive tax planning: differentiating those playing the game from those who don't.Psychology and mental healthMurphy, Kristina
An analysis of norm processes in tax compliance.Psychology and mental healthWenzel, Michael
An examination of college student money management tendencies.Psychology and mental healthKidwell, Blair, Turrisi, Robert
A post Keynesian theory of decision making under uncertainty.Psychology and mental healthGerrard, Bill, Fontana, Giuseppe
A reply to Elias Khalil's "What is altruism?".(Critical commentary)Psychology and mental healthWilkinson, Gerald S.
Attitude and belief questions as a source of context effect in a contingent valuation survey.Psychology and mental healthPouta, Eija
Behavioral finance and asset prices: where do we stand?.Psychology and mental healthStracca, Livio
Childhoos families of homeless and poor adults in Britain: A prospective study.Psychology and mental healthFlouri, Eirini, Buchanan, Ann
Consumer sentiment and macroeconomic forecasts.Psychology and mental healthVulchelen, Jef
Contingent valuation method can increase procedural justice.Psychology and mental healthFujii, Satoshi, Kitamura, Ryuichi, Suda, Hideo
Does experience matter in lending? A process-tracing study on experienced loan officer's and novice's decision behavior.Psychology and mental healthAndersson, Patric
Early or late conflict settlement in a variety of games- an experimental study.Psychology and mental healthGuth, Werner, Anderhub, Vital, Marchand, Nadege
Estimating customer utility of energy efficiency standards for refrigerators.Psychology and mental healthMoxnes, Erling
Estimating the time elapsed between ending a relationship and joining a matchmaking agency: evidence from a French marriage bureau.Psychology and mental healthVaillant, Nicolas G.
Exploring age-related differences in information acquisition for a gift purchase.Psychology and mental healthLaroche, Michel, Browne, Elizabeth, Cleveland, Mark
Exploring the relationship between mothers' and fathers' parenting practices and children's materialist values.Psychology and mental healthFlouri, Eirini
Fairly satisfied: economic equality, wealth and satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthO'Connell, Michael
Favoritism of agents - the case of referees home bias.Psychology and mental healthSutter, Matthias, Kocher, Martin G.
Feedback-conditional regret theory and testing regret-aversion in risky choice.Psychology and mental healthHumphrey, Steven J.
Framing and taxation: evaluation of tax policies involving household composition.Psychology and mental healthBaron, Jonathan, McCaffery, Edward J.
Household consumption: influences of aspiration level, social comparison, and money management.Psychology and mental healthKarlsson, Niklas, Dellgran, Peter, Klingander, Birgitta, Garling, Tommy
Information sources, news, and rumors in financial markets: insights into the foreign exchange market.Psychology and mental healthOberlechner, Thomas, Hocking, Sam
"It's practical, but no more controllable": social representations of the electronic purse in Austria.Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Erich, Meier-Pesti, Katja, Penz, Elfriede
Post Keynesian pricing theory: alternative foundations and prospects for future research.Psychology and mental healthDownward, Paul
Privacy versus willingness to disclose in e-commerce exchanges: the effect of risk awareness on the relative role of trust and control.Psychology and mental healthLunt, Peter, Olivero, Nadia
Procedural priming effects on spontaneous inference formation.Psychology and mental healthYoon, Carolyn, Kirmani, Amna, Lee, Michelle P.
Psychosocial variables involved in the construction of lay thinking about the economy: results of a cross-national survey.Psychology and mental healthRoland-Levy, Christine, Bastounis, Marina, Leiser, David
Punishment as a public good. When should monopolists care about a consumer boycott?Psychology and mental healthBolle, Friedel, Kritikos, Alexander
Questions of definition scope in economic theories of altruism: A commentary on 'What is altruism?' by Elias Khalil.(Critical commentary)Psychology and mental healthLunt, Peter
Random error in willingness to pay measurement: A multiple indicators, latent variable approach to the reliability of contingent values.Psychology and mental healthSyme, Geoffrey J., Smith, Leigh M., Jorgensen, Bradley S., Bishop, Brian J.
Reclaiming habit for institutional economics.Psychology and mental healthHodgson, Geoffrey M.
Relationships and individual's ank switching behavior.Psychology and mental healthFeinberg, Richard, Chakravarty, Sugato, Rhee, Eun-Young
Revealing consumers' willingness-to-pay: a comparison of the BDM mechanism and the Vickrey auction.(Becker-DeGroot-Marschak mechanism)Psychology and mental healthNoussair, Charles, Robin, Stephanie, Ruffieux, Bernard
Share and share alike? Gender - pairing, personality, and cognitive ability as determinants of giving.Psychology and mental healthBen-Ner, Avner, Putterman, Louis, Fanmin Kong
Support for trade restrictions, attitudes, and understanding of comparative advantage.Psychology and mental healthBaron, Jonathan, Kemp, Simon
The effect of time delay on multi-attribute choice.Psychology and mental healthSoman, Dilip
The Euro in the common European market: a single currency increases the comparability of prices.Psychology and mental healthMussweiler, Thomas, Strack, Fritz
The insensitivity of 'willingness-to-pay' to the size of the good: new evidence for health care.Psychology and mental healthOlsen, Jan Abel, Donaldson, Cam, Pereira, Joao
The labor supply consequences of perceptions of employer discrimination during search and on-the-job: Integrating neoclassical theory and cognitive dissonance.Psychology and mental healthGoldsmith, Arthur H., Darity, William, Jr., Sedo, Stanely, Hamilton, Darrick
The personality of e-commerce investors.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Simon, Hunter, Katrina
The structure of affective reactions to critical incidents.Psychology and mental healthFriman, Margareta
What individual investors value: some Australian evidence.Psychology and mental healthSoutar, Geoffrey N., Clark-Murphy, Marilyn
What is altruism? A reply to critics.Psychology and mental healthKhalil, Elias L.
What is altruism?(Critical commentary)Psychology and mental healthKhalil, Elias L.
Who determines household savings for old age? Evidence from Dutch panel data.Psychology and mental healthBorsch-Supan, Axel, Euwals, Rob, Eymann, Angelika
Work productivity when knowledge of different reward systems varies: report from an economic experiment.Psychology and mental healthWilloughby, John, Burchett, Richard
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