Journal of Economic Psychology 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2003
A comparison of trust and reciprocity between France and Germany: Experimental investigation based on the investment game.Psychology and mental healthKeser, Claudia, Willinger, Marc, Lohmann, Christopher, Usunier, Jean-Claude
Adapting to the Euro: Evidence from bias reduction.Psychology and mental healthMussweiler, Thomas, Englich, Birte
Applied behavioral economics and consumer choice.Psychology and mental healthHantula, Donald A., DiClemente, Diane F.
A qualitative examination of how respondents in a contingent valuation study rationalise their WTP responses to an increase in the quantity of the environmental good.Psychology and mental healthChilton, S.M., Hutchinson, W.G.
A quantitative and qualitative test of the Allias paradox using health outcomes.Psychology and mental healthOliver, Adam
A questioning economist: Tibor Scitovsky's attempt to bring joy into economics.Psychology and mental healthBianchi, Marina
Ask and ye shall receive: The effect of the appeals scale on consumers' donation behavior.Psychology and mental healthDesmet, Pierre, Feinberg, Fred M.
Attitudes towards the Euro by national identity and relative national status.Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Erich, Meier-Pesti, Katja
Blessed are those who expect nothing: lowering expectations as a way of avoiding disappointment.Psychology and mental healthvan Dijk, Wilco W., Zeelenberg, Mercel, der Plight, Joop van
Bounded rationality in the economics of organization: "Much cited and little used."Psychology and mental healthFoss, Nicolai J.
Bounding rationality to the world.Psychology and mental healthTodd, Peter M., Gigerenzer, Gerd
Charles R. Plott's collected papers on the experimental foundations of economic and political science.(review article)Psychology and mental healthOrtmann, Andreas
Children's emergent preferences for soft drinks: Stimulus-equivalence and transfer.Psychology and mental healthBarnes-Holmes, Dermot, Smeets, Paul M.
Cognitive comparative advantage and the organization of work: Lessons from Herbert Simon's vision of the future.Psychology and mental healthLanglois, Richard N.
Commensurate ideal points.Psychology and mental healthBechtel, Gordon G., Lyons-Lepke, Elaine M.
Digital divide and purchase intention: why demographic psychology matters.Psychology and mental healthAkhter, Syed H.
Discounting delayed and probabilistic rewards: Processes and traits.Psychology and mental healthMyerson, Joel, Green, Leonard, Holt, Daniel D., Hanson, J. Scott, Estle, Sara J.
Effects of base price upon search behavior of consumers in a supermarket: An operant analysis.Psychology and mental healthOliveira-Castro, Jorge M.
Elicitation of product attributes in an evaluation context: a comparison of three elicitation techniques.Psychology and mental healthSupphellen, Magne, Breivik, Einar
Entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial.Psychology and mental healthSarasvathy, Saras D.
Everyday representations of tax avoidance, tax evasion, and tax flight: Do legal differences matter?Psychology and mental healthMaciejovsky, Boris, Kirchler, Erich, Schneider, Friedrich
Fairness in a one-principal-two agents game - a post-experimental questionnaire analysis.Psychology and mental healthKonigstein, Manfred, Kovacs, Judit, Zala-Mezo, Eniko
Framing, gender and tax compliance.Psychology and mental healthHite, Peggy A., Hasseldine, John
Games and phone numbers: Do short-term memory bounds affect strategic behavior?Psychology and mental healthDevetag, Giovanna, Warglien, Massimo
Herbert Simon and the concept of dispersed enrepreneurship.Psychology and mental healthMinkes, A.L., Foxall, Gordon R.
Herbert Simon. Artificial intelligence as a framework for understanding intuition.Psychology and mental healthFranz, Roger
Household preferences for energy-saving measures: A conjoint analysis.Psychology and mental healthPoortinga, Wouter, Steg, Linda, Vlek, Charles, Wiersma, Gerwin
Inducing word-of-mouth by eliciting surprise - a pilot investigation.Psychology and mental healthVanhamme, Joelle, Derbaix, Christian
Is fairness used instrumentally? Evidence from sequential bargaining.Psychology and mental healthCarpenter, Jeffrey P.
Need for achievement, locus of control and the prediction of business start-ups: a longitudinal study.Psychology and mental healthHansemark, Ove C.
Obituary: Dick Hessing, 1943-2003.(Obituary)Psychology and mental healthElffers, Henk
Pricing effects on foraging in a simulated Internet shopping mall.Psychology and mental healthHantula, Donald A., Smith, Carter L.
Psychological taxing in Flemish muncipalities.Psychology and mental healthAshworth, John, Heyndels, Bruno, Smolders, Carine
Putting a radical socialness into consumer behavior analysis.Psychology and mental healthGuerin, Bernard
Simon's selection theory: Why docility evolves to breed successful altruism.Psychology and mental healthKnudsen, Thorbjorn
Subjective economic well-being in Eastern Europe.Psychology and mental healthHayo, Bernd, Seifert, Wolfgang
The behavioral economics of consumer brand choice: Establishing a methodology.Psychology and mental healthFoxall, Gordon R., Schrezenmaier, Teresa C.
The behavior analysis of consumer choice: an introduction to the special issue.Psychology and mental healthFoxall, Gordon R.
The economic psychology of Herbert A. Simon: Introduction to a special issue.(Editorial)(Obituary)(Biography)Psychology and mental healthAugier, Mie
The effect of providing misleading cost information on the perceived value of government services.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Simon
The fisherman's problem: exploring the tension between cooperative and non-cooperative concepts in a simple game.Psychology and mental healthAbbink, Klaus, Irlenbusch, Bernd, Rockenbach, Bettina, Darziv, Ron, Gilula, Zohar, Goren, Harel, Keren, Arnon, Sadrich, Abdolkarim, Selten, Reinhard, Zamir, Shmuel
The impact of attitude strength on customer-oriented priority setting by decision makers: an emphirical investigation.Psychology and mental healthWetzels, Martin, Ruyter, Ko de, Birgelen, Marcel van
The relationship of materialism to spending tendencies, saving and debt.Psychology and mental healthWatson, John J.
The role of corporate image and company employment image in explaining applications intentions.Psychology and mental healthLemmink, Jos, Schuijf, Annelien, Streukens, Sandra
Who wants safer streets? Explaining concern for public safety in Brazil.Psychology and mental healthRavallion, Martin, Pradhan, Menno
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