Journal of Economic Psychology 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2001
A closer look at the relation between tax complexity and tax equity perceptions.Psychology and mental healthCuccia, Andrew D., Carnes, Gregory A.
A comparative study of lotteries-evaluation in class and on the Web.Psychology and mental healthSonsino, Doron, Benzion, Uri, Shavit, Tal
Affective consumer responses in service encounters: the emotional content in narratives of critical incidents.Psychology and mental healthMattsson, Jan, Lemmink, Jos, Dolen, Willemijn van, Rhoen, Ingrid
Brand personality: how to make the metaphor fit?Psychology and mental healthCaprara, Gian Vittorio, Barbaranelli, Claudio, Guido, Gianluigi
Commitment among ethical investors: An experimental approach.Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Mackenzie, Craig, Lewis, Alan
Consumption, liquidity constraints, uncertainty and temptation: An international comparison.Psychology and mental healthMadsen, Jakob, McAleer, Michael
Coping with economic deprivation during unemployment.Psychology and mental healthWaters, Lea E., Moore, Kathleen A.
Developing, exploring and validating a typology of private philanthropic decision making.Psychology and mental healthSupphellen, Magne, Nelson, Michelle R.
Effects of awareness of social dilemmas on advertising budget-setting: A scenario study.Psychology and mental healthPruyn, Ad, Riezebos, Rik
Evaluating framing effects.Psychology and mental healthDruckman, James N.
Fashions, habits and changing preferences: Simulation of psychological factors affecting market dynamics.Psychology and mental healthJanssen, Marco A., Jager, Wander
Laboratory incentive structure and control-test design in an experimental asset market.Psychology and mental healthBrandouy, Olivier
Learning under minimal information: An experiment on mutual fate control.Psychology and mental healthMitropoulos, Atanasios
Lottomania and other anomalies in the market for lotto.Psychology and mental healthBeenstock, Michael, Haitovsky, Yoel
Mental accounting and other-regarding behavior: evidence from the lab.Psychology and mental healthCherry, Todd L.
Parental attitudes to pocket money/allowances for children.Psychology and mental healthFurnham, Adrian
Poverty attitudes and their determinants in Lebanon's plural society.Psychology and mental healthAbouchedid, Kamal, Nasser, Ramzi
Procedural fairness in economic and social choice: Evidence from a survey of voters.Psychology and mental healthAnand, Paul
Quality of forecasts and business performance: a study of Russian managers.Psychology and mental healthAukutsionek, Sergei P., Belianin, Alexis V.
Season of birth, schooling and earnings.Psychology and mental healthPlug. Erik J.S.
Simon's travel theorem and the demand for live music.(Herbert Simon)Psychology and mental healthEarl, Peter E.
Small business owners' attitudes on VAT compliance in the UK.(value added tax)Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Adams, Caroline
Strategies, heuristics, and the relevance of risk-aversion in a dynamic decision problem.Psychology and mental healthMuller, Wieland
Sublime Simon: The consistent vision of economic psychology's Nobel laureate.(Herbert Simon)Psychology and mental healthAugier, Mie
Tax compliance within the context of gain and loss situations, expected and current asset position, and profession.Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Wrich, Maciejovsky, Boris
The dreams of people high and low in materialism.Psychology and mental healthKasser, Tim, Grow Kasser,Virginia
The Euro and European identity: The Spanish and Portuguese case.Psychology and mental healthLuna-Arocas, Roberto, Guzman, Gustavo, Quintanilla, Ismael, Farhangmehr, Minoo
The evolution and future of national customer satisfaction index models.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Michael D., Gustafsson, Anders, Andreassen, Tor Wallin, Lervik, Line, Cha, Jaesung
The prediction of self-reported and hypothetical tax-evasion: evidence from England, France and Norway.Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Cole, Michaela, Eidjar, Ole-Petter
The prospects of taxpayer agreement with aggressive tax advice.Psychology and mental healthSchmidt, Dennis R.
The value of a smile: game theory with a human face.Psychology and mental healthKacelnik, Alex, Scharlemann, Jorn P.W., Eckel, Catherine C., Wilson, Rick K.
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