Journal of Economic Psychology 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 2000
Advertising for economic change.(usage of advertising by government to alter consumer behavior)Psychology and mental healthEast, Robert, Hogg, Annik
An assessment of consumers product, purchase decision, advertising and consumption involvement in fashion clothing.Psychology and mental healthO'Cass, A.
A note on the warm glow of giving and scope sensitivity in contingent valuation studies.Psychology and mental healthChilton, S.M., Hutchinson, W.G.
A positional and representational analysis of consumption. Households when facing debt and credit.Psychology and mental healthViaud, Jean, Roland-Levy, Christine
A psychological approach to individual differences in intertemporal consumption patterns.Psychology and mental healthGuth, Werner, Brandstatter, Hermann
A schema-theoretical approach to politicians' definitions of tax issues.Psychology and mental healthAshworth, John, Heyndels, Bruno
Boundedly rational decision emergence - a general perspective and some selective illustrations.Psychology and mental healthGuth, Werner
Citizens of warmer countries are more competitive and poorer: culture or chance?Psychology and mental healthVliert, Evert Van de, Kluwer, Esther S., Lynn, Richard
Comments on Robert East and Annik Hogg: Advertising for Economic Change.(government advertising to influence consumers)Psychology and mental healthKokkinaki, Flora
Contingent valuation of global environmental resources: test of perfect and regular embedding.Psychology and mental healthSvedsater, Henrik
Deciding to sell: The effect of prior inaction and offer source.Psychology and mental healthButler, Adam, Highhouse, Scott
Decisions and strategies in a sequential search experiment.(strategy method and individual decision experiment)Psychology and mental healthSonnemans, Joep
Does fairness matter in corporate takeovers?Psychology and mental healthKristensen, Henrik
Do individuals try to maximize general satisfaction?Psychology and mental healthFrijters, Paul
Household environmental protection and the intergenerational transmission of human capital.Psychology and mental healthAgee, Mark D., Crocker, Thomas D.
Informational cascades in the laboratory: do they occur for the right reasons?Psychology and mental healthHuck, Steffen, Oechssler, Jorg
In search of the poor.(attitudes to poverty)Psychology and mental healthWatson, Duncan
Invariance failure under subgame perfectness in sequential bargaining.Psychology and mental healthRapoport, Amnon, Zwick, Rami, Weg, Eythan
Keeping up one's appearances: its importance and the choice of type of hair-grooming establishment.Psychology and mental healthSchwer, R. Keith, Daneshvary, Rennae
Lower partial moments as measures of perceived risk: An experimental study.Psychology and mental healthUnser, Matthias
Made sense and remembered sense: sensemaking through abduction.Psychology and mental healthLundberg, C. Gustav
On complexity and lotteries' evaluation - three experimental observations.Psychology and mental healthMador, Galit, Sonsino, Doron, Benzion, Uri
Presents or investments? An experimental analysis.(experiment examining reciprocity and trust)Psychology and mental healthGuth, Werner, Gneezy, Uri, Verboven, Frank
Random utility maximiser seeks similar: an economic analysis of commitment level in personal relationships.(research using sample of partner search advertising)Psychology and mental healthCameron, Samuel, Collins, Alan
Rejoinder to 'Comments on Robert East and Annik Hogg: Advertising for Economic Change'.(debate on usage of advertising by government to promote economic policy)Psychology and mental healthHogg, Annik, East, R.
Self-image - is it in the bag? A qualitative comparison between 'ordinary' and 'excessive' shoppers.Psychology and mental healthDittmar, Helga, Drury, John
Testing for consistency in willingness to pay experiments.Psychology and mental healthRyan, Mandy, San Miguel, Fernando
The impact of perceived material wealth and perceiver pesonality on first impressions.Psychology and mental healthChristopher, Andrew N., Schlenker, Barry R.
The impact of the order book privilege on traders' behavior and the market process: an experimental study.Psychology and mental healthGerke, Wolfgang, Arneth, Stefan, Syha, Christine
The role of corporate image and extension similarity in service brand extensions.Psychology and mental healthde Ruyter, Ko, Wetzels, Martin
The role of the social-identity function of attitudes in consumer innovativeness and opinion leadership.Psychology and mental healthGrewal, Rajdeep, Mehta, Raj, Kardes, Frank R.
Valuing future private and social benefits: the discounted utility model versus hyperbolic discounting models.Psychology and mental healthCairns, John, Pol, Marjon van der
With a little help from my fans - extending models of pro-social behaviour to explain supporters' intentions to buy soccer club shares.Psychology and mental healthde Ruyter, Ko, Wetzels, Martin
Working hard for the money? Efficiency wages and worker effort.Psychology and mental healthGoldsmith, Arthur H., Veum, Jonathan R., Darity, William, Jr.
WTP and WTA in repeated trial experiments: learning or leading?(learning effects of repeated trials on willingness to pay and accept)Psychology and mental healthMorrison, Gwendolyn C.
'You'd have to be green to invest in this': Popular economic models, financial journalism, and ethical investment.Psychology and mental healthWinnett, Adrian, Lewis, Alan
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