Journal of Economic Psychology 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 1999
A comparison of five elicitation techniques for elicitation of attributes of low involvement products.Psychology and mental healthBech-Larsen, Tino, Nielsen, Niels Asger
A qualitative exploration of mood-regulatory self-gift behaviors.Psychology and mental healthLaaksonen, Martti, Lumoala, Harri T.
A review and meta-analysis of country-of-origin research.Psychology and mental healthSteenkamp, Jan-Benedict E.M., Verlegh, Peeter W.J.
Attitude-based models for binary choices: a test for choices involving an innovation.Psychology and mental healthPennings, Joost M.E., Candel, Math J.J.M.
Bargaining behavior and payoff uncertainty: experimental evidence.Psychology and mental healthChurch, Bryan K., Zhang, Ping
Comments on Chilton and Hutchinson: beyond measurement issues in the focus group method.(response to article by S.M. Chilton and W.G. Hutchinson in this issue, p. 465)Psychology and mental healthLunt, Peter
Comments on Chilton and Hutchinson: focus groups in the contingent valuation process: a real contribution or a missed opportunity?(response to article by S.M Chilton and W.G. Hutchinson in this issue, p. 465)Psychology and mental healthJorgensen, Bradley S.
Comments on Gordon Foxall: the marketing firm.(article in this issue, p. 207)Psychology and mental healthReed, Phil
Diagnosing the search cost effect: waiting time and the moderating impact of prior category knowledge.Psychology and mental healthDholakia, Ruby Roy, Smith, Gerald E., Venkatraman, Meera P.
Discriminating the number of credit cards held by college students using credit and money attitudes.Psychology and mental healthHayhoe, Celia Ray, Leach, Lauren, Turner, Pamela R.
Do focus groups contribute anything to the contingent valuation process?Psychology and mental healthChilton, S.M., Hutchinson, W.G.
Effect of perceived cost on judgements regarding the efficacy of investment.Psychology and mental healthReed, Phil
Explanations of effects of prior income changes on buying decisions.Psychology and mental healthKarlsson, Niklas, Garling, Tommy, Selart, Marcus
Focus groups and the contingent valuation process: a reply.(response to articles by Bradley S. Jorgensen and Peter Lunt in this issue, p. 485 and p. 491, respectively)Psychology and mental healthChilton, S.M., Hutchinson, W.G.
Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic incentives in a repeated game with incomplete contracts.Psychology and mental healthGachter, Simon, Kovacs, Judit, Falk, Armin
Mood and children: proposition of a measurement scale.Psychology and mental healthDerbaix, C., Pecheux, C.
Preferences in distributing scarce goods.Psychology and mental healthBolle, Friedel, Kemp, Simon
Responder behavior in ultimatum offer games with incomplete information.Psychology and mental healthHuck, Steffen
Risks, complexity, and deviations from expected-value maximization: results of a lottery choice experiment.Psychology and mental healthHuck, Steffen, Weizacker, Georg
Savings and investment decisions within private households: spouses' dominance in decisions on various forms of investment.Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Erich, Meier, Katja, Hubert, Angela-Christian
South African children's views of wealth, poverty, inequality and unemployment.Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Bonn, Marta, Earle, Dave, Lea, Stephen
Spillover processes in the development of a sustainable consumption pattern.Psychology and mental healthThogersen, John
Subjective measures of household preferences and financial decisions.Psychology and mental healthSoest, Arthur van, Donkers, Bas
Taxpayers' preference for type of advice from tax practitioner: a preliminary examination.Psychology and mental healthTan, Lin Mei
The direct and indirect influences of human values on product ownership.Psychology and mental healthAllen, Michael W., Sik Hung Ng
The effect of advertising message involvement on brand attitude accessibility.Psychology and mental healthKokkinaki, Flora, Lunt, Peter
The impact of personality on behavior in five Prisoner's Dilemma games.Psychology and mental healthWitteloostuijn, Arjen van, Boone, Christophe, Brabander, Bert De
The influences of conflicting information on novices and loan officers' actions.Psychology and mental healthRodgers, Waymond
The marketing firm.(Critical Essay/Commentary)Psychology and mental healthFoxall, Gordon R.
The price of stress.(job stress)Psychology and mental healthGroot, Wim, Brink, Henriette Maassen van den
The saving and spending habits of young people.Psychology and mental healthFurnham, Adrian
Time is an amazingly variable amount of money: endowment and ownership effects in the subjective value of working time.Psychology and mental healthHoorens, Vera, Remmers, Nicole, Riet, Kamieke van de
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