Journal of Economic Psychology 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 1995
Accounts of accounts: en route to an economic psychology of personal finance. (response to articles by Adrian Winnett and Alan Lewis, p. 431, and Rob Ranyard and Gill Craig, p. 449, in this issue)(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul
An adviser in resource management situations: configural weighing of recommendations.Psychology and mental healthWilke, Henk A.M., de Vries, Sjerp
A note on perceptions of loan duration and repayment.Psychology and mental healthLewis, Alan, Venrooij, Marlies van
Are being unemployed and being out of the labor force distinct states?: A psychological approach.Psychology and mental healthGoldsmith, Arthur H., Veum, Jonathan R., Darity, William, Jr.
Are fairness constraints on profit-seeking important?Psychology and mental healthFernandez, Luis, Piron, Robert
Burnout, absenteeism, and the overtime decision.Psychology and mental healthYaniv, Gideon
Collecting as luxury consumption: effects on individuals and households.(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthBelk, Russell W.
Conservation technology adoption decisions and the theory of planned behavior.Psychology and mental healthLynne, Gary D., Casey, C. Franklin, Hodges, Alan, Rahmani, Mohammed
Economic actors, minds and contexts: towards an ecological economic psychology?(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthBurgoyne, Carole B., Routh, David A.
Effects of information order, group assistance, and experience on auditors' sequential belief revision.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Eric N.
Environmentally friendly replacement of automobiles.(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthDavidsson, Per, Garling, Tommy, Marell, Agneta
Evaluating and budgeting with instalment credit: an interview study.(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthRanyard, Rob, Craig, Gill
Experiments on rating the utility of consumer goods: evidence supporting microeconomic theory.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Simon, Lea, Stephen E.G., Fussell, Sharon
Expert-novive judgements and new cue sets: process versus outcome.Psychology and mental healthEnis, Charles R.
Financial organisation and decision-making within Western 'households.' (response to articles by Jan Pahl, p. 361, Sophia R. Wunderink, p. 377, Erich Kirchner, p. 393, in this issue)(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthBurgoyne, Carole B.
Gender identity and material symbols: objects and decision considerations in impulse purchases.(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthDittmar, Helga, Beattie, Jane, Friese, Susanne
His money, her money: recent research on financial organization in marriage.(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthPahl, Jan
Household accounts, mental accounts, and savings behavior: some old economics rediscovered?Psychology and mental healthWinnett, Adrian, Lewis, Alan
In search of missing links: comments on three papers on spending and consumption. (response to articles by Russell W. Belk, p. 477, Helga Dittmar et al., p. 491, and Agneta Marell et al., p. 513, in this issue)(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthOlander, Folke
Is family planning an economic decision?(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthWunderink, Sophia R.
On durable goods monopolies: an experimental study of intrapersonal price competition and price discrimination over time.Psychology and mental healthGuth, Werner, Ritzberger, Klaus, Ockenfels, Peter
Political events and consumer confidence in Belgium.Psychology and mental healthVuchelen, Jef
Psychological factors in consumer debt: money management, economic socialization, and credit use.Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Lea, Stephen E.G., Walker, Catherine M.
Rating the value of government-funded services: comparison of methods.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Simon, Willetts, Karyn
Responses to the economy among two value orientation segments.Psychology and mental healthWharton, Zowie, Harmatz, Howard R.
Student attitudes to student debt.Psychology and mental healthLea, Stephen E.G., Davies, Emma
Studying economic decisions within private households: a critical review and design for a 'couple experiences diary.'(Household and Individual Economic Psychology)Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Erich
Tax evasion, consumption of public goods and fairness.Psychology and mental healthFalkinger, Josef
The complex relationship between consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.Psychology and mental healthBloemer, Jose M.M., Kasper, Hans, D.P.
The confidence heuristic: a game-theoretic analysis.Psychology and mental healthThomas, Jonathan P., McFadyen, Ruth G.
The effects of product expertise on consumer evaluations of new-product concepts.Psychology and mental healthSchoormans, Jan P.L., de Bont, Cees J.P.M.
The Polish economic reform: transgressive decision making.Psychology and mental healthKozielecki, Jozef
The social costs and benefits of urban consolidation: a time budget/contingent valuation approach.Psychology and mental healthSyme, Geoffrey J., Bishop, Brian J.
The value of services supplied by the New Zealand government.Psychology and mental healthKemp, Simon, Willetts, Karyn
Time dependent biases in consumer multi-attribute judgment.Psychology and mental healthGanzach, Yoav, Mazursky, David
True positives and false alarms in the detection of tax evasion.Psychology and mental healthRobben, Henry S.J., Antonides, Gerrit
Values, environmental attitudes, and buying of organic foods.Psychology and mental healthJuhl, Hans Jorn, Grunert, Suzanne C.
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