Journal of Economic Psychology 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 1993
Advertising and publicity: an information processing perspective.Psychology and mental healthLord, Kenneth R., Putrevu, Sanjay
An examination of tax practitioner decisions: the role of preparer sanctions and framing effects associated with client condition.Psychology and mental healthNewberry, Kaye J., Reckers, Philip M.J., Wyndelts, Robert W.
Cognitive styles and personal involvement of market initiators for 'healthy' food brands: implications for adoption theory.Psychology and mental healthFoxall, Gordon R., Bhate, Seema
Estimating the duration of a flexible loan: the effect of supplementary information.Psychology and mental healthRanyard, Rob, Craig, Gill
Habit dynamics and wealth accumulation fluctuations.Psychology and mental healthPowell, John G.
Investigating spousal inconsistencies in temporal reports: a methodological framework.Psychology and mental healthHornik, Jacob, Shapiro, Jonathan Z.
Investment decisions and the theory of planned behaviour.Psychology and mental healthEast, Robert
Knowledge of profit and interest among children in Canada.Psychology and mental healthNakhaie, M.R.
On the failure to induce meager offers in ultimatum games.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Vernon, Weg, Eythan
Personality and the structure of resource preferences.Psychology and mental healthStangl, Werner
Price knowledge and search behavior for habitual, low involvement food purchases.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Michael D., Kujala, Jouni T.
Self-concept, money beliefs and values.Psychology and mental healthPrince, Melvin
Spouses' joint purchase decisions: determinants of influence tactics for muddling through the process.Psychology and mental healthKirchler, Erich
Stability and change in decision makers' perceptions of the firm's environment: an empirical study of the causal attribution by a top management team.Psychology and mental healthSoderlund, Magnus, Vilgon, Mats
The economic psychology of consumer debt.Psychology and mental healthWebley, Paul, Lea, Stephen E.G., Levine, R. Mark
The ethical investor: exploring dimensions of investment behavior.Psychology and mental healthAnand, Paul, Cowton, Christopher J.
The evaluation question approach: a method of measuring attitudes.Psychology and mental healthSar, Nico L. van der, Praag, Bernard M.S. van
The structure and determinants of consumer complaint intentions and behavior.Psychology and mental healthForrester, William R., Jr., Maute, Manfred F.
The use and abuse of consumer credit: application of psychological theory and research.Psychology and mental healthTokunaga, Howard
Women, men, and money styles.Psychology and mental healthPrince, Melvin
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