Journal of Economic Psychology 1983 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Psychology 1983
Accounting for Data Inconsistencies in a Longitudinal Mail Survey.Psychology and mental healthDe Jonge, L., Oppedijk van Veen, W.M.
Changes in Attitudes and Behavior by Using Solar Energy.Psychology and mental healthKlein, H.J.
Children's Conceptions of Economics - The Constitution of a Cognitive Domain.Psychology and mental healthLeiser, D.
Children's Ideas about the Bank and Shop Profit.Psychology and mental healthNg, S.H.
Determinants of Gasoline Consumption.Psychology and mental healthUusitalo, L., Djerf, K.
Energy Conservation Programs for Consumers: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Conflicts and Program Response in Eight Western Countries.Psychology and mental healthJoerges, B., Muller, H.
Energy Inputs and Household Behavior in France.Psychology and mental healthMonnier, E.
Evaluating Acceptability and Effectiveness of Consumer Energy Conservation Programs.Psychology and mental healthClaxton, J.D., Ritchie J.R.B., McDougall, G.H.G.
Evaluation of a Major Financial Incentive for In-Home Energy Conservation.Psychology and mental healthAnderson, C.D., Colwill, N.L., Kent, P.
Factors Affecting the Perceived Value of Coins.Psychology and mental healthBruce, V., Gilmore, D., Mason, L., Mayhew, P.
Faults, Values and Technical Expertise in a Renewable Energy Citing Dispute.Psychology and mental healthFrankena, F.
Inflation and the Estimated Sizes of Notes.Psychology and mental healthFurnham, A.
On the Formation of Inflationary Expectations: Some Empirical Evidence from Finland, 1979-1980.Psychology and mental healthBlomqvist, H.C.
Patterns of Residential Energy Behavior.Psychology and mental healthVan Raaij, W.F., Verhallen, T.M.M.
Postpurchase Consumer Evaluations, Complaint Actions, and Repurchase Behavior.Psychology and mental healthFrancken, D.A.
Public Acceptance of Consumer Energy Conservation Strategies.Psychology and mental healthOlsen, M.E.
Revealed Versus Hidden Attributes as Determinants of Perceived Product Quality.Psychology and mental healthJun, W., Jolibert, A.J.
Roles of Motives and Attributes in Consumer Motion Picture Choice.Psychology and mental healthMoller, K.E., Karppinen, P.
The Influence of Price and Attitude on Shifting Residential Electricity Consumption from On-to-Off Peak Periods.Psychology and mental healthHeberlein, T.A., Warriner, G.K.
The Meaning of Normative Processes for Energy Conservation.Psychology and mental healthMidden, C.J.H., Ritsema, B.S.M.
The Structure of Consumer Confidence in Four EEC Countries.Psychology and mental healthPickering, J.F., Greatorex, M., Laycock, P.J.
The Unacceptability of Money as a Gift.Psychology and mental healthWebley, P., Lea, S.E., Portalska, R.
U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Home-Heating Conservation Behavior: A Multiattribute Longitudinal Model.Psychology and mental healthKarns, D.A., Khera, I.P.
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