Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 2003
A comparative study on learning in a normal form game expeiment.EconomicsFang-Fang Tang
A dual Dutch auction in Taipei: the choice of numeraire and auction form in multi-object auctions with bundling.(Taiwan)EconomicsVincent P. Crawford, Ping-Sing Kuo
A dynamic theory of the transition to democracy.EconomicsPaul J. Zak, Yi Feng
A market-power based model of business groups.EconomicsRobert C. Feenstra, Gary G. Hamilton, Deng-Shing Huang
A naive but optimal route to Walrasian behavior in oligopolies.EconomicsWeihong Huang
Analyzing historical and regional patterns of technical change from a classical-Marxian perspective.EconomicsAdalmir A. Marquetti
An experiment on Nash implementation.EconomicsGary Charness, Antonio Cabrales, Luis C. Corch'on
An exploration of reputation formation in experimental games.EconomicsJordi Brandts, Neus Figueras
An ordering experiment.EconomicsM. Ahmed, A. Norman, J. Chou, K. Fortson, C. Kurz, H. Lee, L. Linden, K. Meythaler, R. Rando, K. Sheppard, N. Tantzen, I. White, M. Ziegler
A quantal response equilibrium model of order-statistic games.EconomicsKang-Oh Yi
A Ricardian model of the tragedy of the commons.EconomicsPierre Lasserre, Antoine Soubeyran
Attitudes and allocations: status, cognitive dissonance, and the manipulation of attitudes.EconomicsRobert J. Oxoby
A two-sector adaptive economizing model of economic growth.EconomicsXiaochuan Song
Beleifs equilibra in an overlapping generations model.EconomicsJan Tunistra
Cheap talk in bargaining experiments: lying and threats in ultimatum games.EconomicsRachel Croson, Terry Boles, J. Keith Murnighan
Cooperation and local interactions in the Prisoners' Dilemma Game.EconomicsAlexander V. Outkin
Cooperation, status seeking and competitive behaviour: theory and evidence.EconomicsFrederic Gaspart, Erika Seki
Corporate contracting for health care.EconomicsPeter Temin, James Maxwell
Criminal justice institutions as a common pool: the 19th century analysis of Edwin Chadwick.EconomicsRobert B. Ekelund, Cheryl Dorton
Decentralised management of common property resources: experiments with a centuries-old institution.EconomicsCharles R. Plott, Marco Casari
Detecting other-regarding behaviour with virtual players.EconomicsDaniel Rondeau, Paul J. Ferraro, Gregory L. Poe
Do numerical simulation and optimization results improve management? Experimental evidence.EconomicsKjell Arne Brekke, Erling Moxnes
Do the economies of specialization justify the work ethics? An examination of Buchanan's hypothesis.EconomicsYew-Kwang Ng, Siang Ng
Effects of price signal choices on market stability.EconomicsHideyuki Mizuta, Ken Steiglitz, Erez Lirov
Employee recruiting and the Lake Wobegon effect.EconomicsJohn Moran, John Morgan
Endogenous technical change with externalities in a classical growth model.EconomicsDuncan K. Foley
Engineering altruism: a theoretical and experimental investigation of anonymity and gift giving.EconomicsTerence C. Burnham
Estimating the neighborhood influence on decision makers: Theory and an application on the analysis of innovation decisions.EconomicsNikolaus Hautsch, Stefan Klotz
Expectations driven distortions in the foreign exchange market.EconomicsFrank H. Westerhoff
Experimental evidence on deliberate misrepresentation in referendum contingent valuation.EconomicsPhilippe Polome
Experiment on entrepreneurial discovery: an attempt to demonstrate the conjecture of Hayek and Kirzner.EconomicsDaniel B. Klein, Henry Demmert
Externally validating contingent valuation: an open-space survey and referendum in Corvallis, Oregon.EconomicsStephen Polasky, Joe Kerkvliet, Christian A. Vossler, Olesya Gainutdinova
Fairness and retaliation in a rural Nigerian village.EconomicsJohn Gowdy, Raluca Iorgulescu, Stephen Onyeiwu
Fairness versus efficiency: An experimental study of (mutual) gift giving.EconomicsWerner Guth, Axel Ockenfels, Hartmut Kliemt
Financial fragility, patterns of firms' entry and exit and aggregate dynamics.EconomicsDomenico Delli Gatti, Mauro Gallegati, Gianfranco Giulioni, Antonio Palestrini
Fund-flow versus flow-flow in production theory: reflections on Georgescu-Roegen's contribution.(Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen)EconomicsHeinz D. Kurz, Neri Salvadori
Good colleagues.EconomicsRobert D. Tollison, David N. Laband
Labor income and risky investments: can part-time farmers compete?EconomicsHans Andersson, Sailesh Ramamurtie, Bharat Ramaswami
Licensing the market for technology.EconomicsAndrea Fosfuri, Ashish Arora
Marital transfer and intra-household allocation: a Nash-bargaining analysis.EconomicsJunsen Zhang, Wing Suen, William Chan
Market power and the form of enterprise:capitalist firms, worker-owned firms and consumer cooperatives.EconomicsKazuhiko Mikami
Melioration learning in games with constant and frequency-dependent pay-offs.EconomicsThomas Brenner, Ulrich Witt
Mispredicting the endowment effect: underestimation of owners' selling prices by buyer's agents.EconomicsDavid Dunning, George Loewenstein, Leaf Van Boven
Mood-induced variation in risk preferences.EconomicsDoron Kliger, Ori Levy
Moral hazard, insurance, and some collusion.EconomicsIngela Alger, Ching-to Albert Ma
Normal-randomness expected utility, time preference, and emotional distortions.EconomicsHerbert Walther
On absolute and relative performance and the demand for mutual funds - experimental evidence.EconomicsDoron Sonsino, Doron Kliger, Ori Levy
Only for my own neighborhood? Preferences and voluntary provision of local and global public goods.EconomicsMichael McKee, Calvin Blackwell
On social norms: the evolution of considerate smoking behavior.EconomicsKarine Nyborg, Mari Rege
On the theory of reference-dependent preferences.EconomicsRobert Sugden, Alistair Munro
Playing both roles in the trust game.EconomicsJeffrey P. Carpenter, Stephen V. Burks, Eric Verhoogen
Positive reciprocity and intentions in trust games.EconomicsKevin A. McCabe, Mary L. Rigdon, Vernon I. Wmith
Production and production functions: some implications of a refinement to process analysis.(Industry Overview)EconomicsJon R. Neill
Property rights, productivity, and the nature of noncontractible action in a franchise system .EconomicsDavid A. Hennessy
Rational escalation of costs by playing a sequence of unfavourable gambles: the martingale.EconomicsJohn A. Aloysius
Reinforcement learning in the El Farol model.EconomicsReiner Franke
Religious participation and income.EconomicsRobert D. Tollison, Jody W. Lipford
Revenue non-equivalence between the English and the second-price auctions: experimental evidence.EconomicsChew Soo Hong, Naoko Nishimura
Risk-taking behavior in mutual fund tournaments.EconomicsJonathan Taylor
Searching for evidence of alternative preferances, public as opposed to private.EconomicsClifford S. Russell, Thomas Bue Bjorner, Christopher D. Clark
Simultaneous choice of process and product innovation when consumers have a preference for product variety.EconomicsStephanie Rosenkranz
Social capital, inclusive networks, and economic performance.EconomicsKurt Annen
Spillover effects and the evolution of firm clusters.EconomicsM. Kopel, G.I. Bishi, H. Dawid
Stigler-Becker versus Myers-Briggs: why preference-based explations are scientifically meaningful and empirically important.EconomicsBryan Caplan
Strategic mismatching and competing teams.EconomicsMatthias Krakel
Strategic outsourcing.EconomicsRune Stenbacka, Oz Shy
Sudden changes in the property rights: the case of Australian native title .EconomicsRobert Brooks, Robert Faff, Sinclair Davidson
Technology and distribution: historical trajectories a la Marx.EconomicsGerard Dumenil, Dominique Levy
Testing the rationality of Japanese GDP forecasts: the sign of forecast revision matters.EconomicsMasahiro Ashiya
The anatomy of subjective well-being.EconomicsB.M.S. van Praag, P. Frijters, A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell
The determinants of corporate divestment: Evidence from a panel of UK firms.EconomicsMike Wright, Michelle Haynes, Steve Thompson
The dynamics of collective invention .EconomicsR. Cowan, N. Jonard
The evolution of consistent conjectures.EconomicsHuw D. Dixon, Ernesto Somma
The impact of meaningful context on strategic play in signaling games.EconomicsDavid J. Cooper, John Henry Kagel
The norm of restaurant tipping.EconomicsMichael Conlin, Michael Lynn, Ted O'Donoghue
The optimal size for a minority.EconomicsAvi Weiss, Hillel Rapoport
The organization of economc activity: Insights from the Institutional theory of John R. Commons.EconomicsBruce E. Kaufman
Theory, experiment and the federal communications commission spectrum auctions.EconomicsDavid Porter, Vernon Smith, Stephen Rassenti, Mark Olson, Jeffrey Banks
The role of social norms in a model of marriage and divorce.EconomicsJunichiro Ishida
Trade policy reform, endogenous lobby group formation, and environmental policy.EconomicsRichard Damania, Per G. Fredriksson
Understanding reciprocity.EconomicsRajiv Sethi, E. Somanathan
Valuing low probability risk: survey and experimental evidence.EconomicsJamie Brown Kruse, Mark A. Thompson
Volatility via social flaring.EconomicsEhsan Ahmed, Barkley J. Rosser Jr.
Voting over efficient decision rules in budget-balanced organizations.EconomicsBrent Hueth, Tigran Melkonyan
Willingness to accept, willingness to pay and the income effect.EconomicsK.E. McConnell, John K. Horowitz
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