Journal of Democracy 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Democracy 1995
A Mexican milestone.Political scienceQuezada, Sergio Aguayo
Between Africa's extremes.Political scienceChege, Michael
Beyond shock therapy.Political scienceDesai, Padma
Bowling alone: America's declining social capital.Political sciencePutnam, Robert D.
Britain: stirrings of change.(The Western Allies 50 Years Later)Political scienceKavanagh, Dennis
Can the Middle East compete?Political scienceBarkey, Henri
China's surge of corruption.Political scienceJohnston, Michael, Hao, Yufan
Chinese culture and political renewal.(president of Republic of China, Lee Teng-hui)(Transcript)Political science 
Comparing east and south.Political scienceBunce, Valerie
Confucianism and democracy.Political scienceFukuyama, Francis
Constitutional engineering in southern Africa.Political scienceReynolds, Andrew
"Creeping democratization" in China.(Professor Minxin Pei)(Transcript)Political science 
Crime without punishment.Political scienceCohen, Ariel
Crisis and opportunity in Africa.Political scienceVan de Walle, Nicolas
Democracy's forgotten dimension.Political scienceHavel, Vaclav
Do economists know best?Political scienceO'Donnell, Guillermo
Elections in agrarian societies.(Debate: Proportional Representation and Southern Africa)Political scienceBarkan, Joel D.
Europe after Utopianism.Political scienceFuret, Francois
Fighting for press freedom.Political scienceFeinstein, Adam
France: consensus without vision.(The Western Allies 50 Years Later)Political scienceBenton, Philippe
Freedom and the environment.Political sciencePayne, Rodger A.
Freedom, development, and human worth.Political scienceKyi, Aung San Suu
Georgia's identity crisis.Political scienceNodia, Ghia
How far can free government travel?Political scienceSartori, Giovanni
Institutions and incentives.Political scienceOrdeshook, Peter C.
Kazakhstan's quandary.Political scienceBremmer, Ian, Welt, Cory
Latin America's four political models.Political scienceWeyland, Kurt
Malaise and resiliency in America.(The Western Allies 50 Years Later)Political scienceLipset, Seymour Martin
Malawi's new dawn.Political sciencePosner, Daniel N.
More liberal, preliberal, or postliberal?Political scienceSchmitter, Philippe C.
Presidents, Parliaments, and good government.Political scienceFabbrini, Sergio
Promoting pluralism in Eastern Europe.Political scienceAgopsowicz, Monika, Landon, James
Redemocratization in Chile.Political scienceGarreton, Manuel Antonio
Reforming civil-military relations. (Professor Samuel P. Huntington)(Transcript)Political science 
Reviving civil society in Egypt.Political scienceKhalifa, Aymen M.
Security and transition in South Africa.(executive director of South Africa's Institute for Defence Policy, Jakkie Cilliers)(Transcript)Political science 
Singapore and the "Asian Values" debate.Political scienceEmerson, Donald K.
Strategies and outcomes in Eastern Europe.Political scienceColomer, Josep M.
The Asian spectrum. (democracy in Asian countries)Political scienceAlagappa, Muthiah
The case for proportionality.(response to article by Joel Barkan in this issue, p. 21)Political scienceReynolds, Andrew
The hard lessons of Cameroon.(includes bibliography)Political scienceGros, Jean-Germain
The history of the word "Democracy" in France.Political scienceRosanvallon, Pierre
The hybrid regimes of Central America.Political scienceKarl, Terry Lynn
The new thinking on development.(Professor Jagdish Bhagwati)(Transcript)Political science 
The politics of safety nets.Political scienceGraham, Carol
The postcommunist wars.(Professor Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr)(Transcript)Political science 
The post-totalitarian blues.Political scienceRupnik, Jacques
The primacy of culture. (opposition to liberal democracy)Political scienceFukuyama, Francis
The tide underneath the "Third Wave."Political scienceRowen, Henry S.
The two sides of the new Russia.Political scienceShevtsova, Lilia
Toleration and the new Arab politics.Political scienceMakiya, Kanan
Ukraine at the crossroads.Political scienceKaratnycky, Adrian
Where East meets West. (democracy in eastern and western countries)Political scienceKrol, Marcin
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