Journal of Corporate Taxation 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Corporate Taxation 2000
A "hunch" about LTR 199935042.(possible death of the continuity of shareholder interest (COSI))LawBailine, Richard W.
Continuity in a split-off - why so strict?(continuity of interest in IRC section 355 distributions)LawBailine, Richard W.
Final 367 regulations govern the treatment of section 355 distributions by U.S. corporations to foreign persons.(IRC section 355 and 367)LawEngle, Howard S.
IRS declares bond-and-option sales strategy transactions abusive.LawFriedrich, Craig W.
Mexico's maquiladora program: the new agreement.LawEngle, Howard S.
New rules of the game: the SEC regulates tax opinions.LawRizzi, Robert A.
Outbound transfers of domestic stock and the substantiality requirement.LawBailine, Richard W.
"Regular, normal distributions" and the substantially all requirement.LawBailine, Richard W.
Section 357(d) - old can, new worms.(closure of an international corporate tax shelter may initiate a change in the role of debt in property transactions under income tax laws)LawBogdanski, John A.
Structuring U.S. operations for foreign corporations in the current tax climate.LawLau, Paul C., Auster, Rolf
The COBRA obligations of parties to a corporate transaction.(Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985)LawHyun, Jonathan E.
The effect of worker misclassification on employee benefit plans or surprise, I'm your employee - now give me those stock options!LawNeiburger, Ben A.
Through a lens darkly: proposed "C" reorganization regulations clear up the Bausch & Lomb problem.LawRizzi, Robert A.
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