Journal of Consumer Research 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Consumer Research 1996
Are studies of dark side variables confounded by socially desirable responding? The case of materialism.Social sciencesMick, David Glen
As the crow flies: bias in consumers' map-based distance judgments.Social sciencesRaghubir, Priya, Krishna, Aradhna
Caring consumers: gendered consumption meanings and the juggling lifestyle.Social sciencesThompson, Craig J.
Cognitive moderators of negative-emotion effects: implications for understanding media context.Social sciencesMurry, John P., Jr., Dacin, Peter A.
Communicating price information through semantic cues: the moderating effects of situation and discount size.Social sciencesSharma, Arun, Marmorstein, Howard, Grewal , Dhruv
Consumption vocabulary and preference formation.Social sciencesHoch, Stephen J., West, Patricia M., Brown, Christina L.
Cue representation and selection effects of arousal on persuasion.Social sciencesPham, Michel Tuan
Deconstructive strategy and consumer research: concepts and illustrative exemplar.Social sciencesStern, Barbara B.
Do polls reflect opinions or do opinions reflect polls? The impact of political polling on voters' expectations, preferences, and behavior. (includes appendix)Social sciencesMorwitz, Vicki G., Pluzinski, Carol
Effect-size estimates: issues and problems in interpretation.Social sciencesMonroe, Kent B., Fern, Edward F.
Figures of rhetoric in advertising language.Social sciencesMick, David Glen, McQuarrie, Edward F.
Goal-derived categories and the antecedents of across-category consideration.Social sciencesRatneshwar, S., Shocker, Allan D., Pechmann, Cornelia
Increasing the persuasiveness of fear appeals: the effect of arousal and elaboration. (includes appendices)Social sciencesBlock, Lauren Goldberg, Keller, Punam Anand
Interactive effects of presentation modality and message-generated imagery on recall of advertising information. (includes appendix)Social sciencesAgarwal, Sanjeev, Unnava, H. Rao, Haugtvedt, Curtis P.
Mental budgeting and consumer decisions.Social sciencesHeath, Chip, Soll, Jack B.
Microcultural analysis of variation in sharing of causal reasoning about behavior.Social sciencesWard, James C., Reingen, Peter H., Sirsi, Ajay K.
Moderators of the impact of self-reference on persuasion. (includes appendix)Social sciencesMeyers-Levy, Joan, Peracchio, Laura A.
Notes toward an application of McCracken's "cultural categories" for cross-cultural consumer research.Social sciencesApplbaum, Kalman, Jordt, Ingrid
Predicting preferences: an examination of agent learning.Social sciencesWest, Patricia M.
Preschoolers' learning of brand names from visual cues.Social sciencesMacklin, M. Carole
Stalking the amphisbaena. (22nd anniversary of Journal of Consumer Research)Social sciencesLevy, Sidney J.
The assessment of alternative measures of consumer expertise. (includes appendices)Social sciencesMitchell, Andrew A., Dacin, Peter A.
The effect of common and unique features in consumer choice. (includes appendices)Social sciencesSherman, Steven J., Dhar, Ravi
The effect of measuring intent on brand-level purchase behavior. (includes appendix)Social sciencesMorwitz, Vicki G., Fitzsimons, Gavan J.
The moderating role of prior knowledge in schema-based product evaluation. (includes appendices)Social sciencesTybout, Alice M., Peracchio, Laura A.
The price of safety. (product safety)(includes appendices)Social sciencesBoulding, William, Purohit, Devavrat
Trend effects and gender differences in retrospective judgments of consumption emotions.Social sciencesDube, Laurette, Morgan, Michael S.
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