Journal of Business Venturing 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Venturing 2000
An examination of the impact of initial founding conditions and decisions upon the performance of new bank start-ups.Business, generalBamford, Charles E., Dean, Thomas J., McDougall, Patricia P.
An investigation of marketing practice by firm size.Business, generalCoviello, Nicole E., Brodie, Roderick J., Munro, Hugh J.
Cognitive biases, risk perception, and venture formation: how individuals decide to start companies.Business, generalSimon, Mark, Houghton, Susan M., Aquino, Karl
Competing models of entrepreneurial intentions.Business, generalKrueger, Norris F., Jr., Reilly, Michael D., Carsrud, Alan L.
Counterfactual thinking and venture formation: the potential effects of thinking about "what might have been.".Business, generalBaron, Robert A.
Dynamic capabilities and new product development in high technology ventures: An empirical analysis of new biotechnology firms.Business, generalDeeds, David L., DeCarolis, Dona, Coombs, Joseph
Entrepreneurship as a utility maximizing response.Business, generalDouglas, Evan J., Shepherd, Dean A.
International corporate entrepreneurship and firm performance: the moderating effect of international environmental hostility.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Garvis, Dennis M.
Management commitment to innovation and ESOP stock concentration.(employee stock ownership plans)Business, generalGamble, John E.
New venture strategy and profitability: a venture capitalist's assessment.Business, generalShepherd, Dean A., Ettenson, Richard, Crouch, Andrew
New venture survival: ignorance, external shocks, and risk reduction strategies.Business, generalDouglas, Evan J., Shepherd, Dean A., Shanley, Mark
On the survival prospects of men's and women's new business ventures.Business, generalBoden, Richard J., Jr., Nucci, Alfred R.
Perceived risks and choices in entrepreneurs' new venture decisions.Business, generalForlani, David, Mullins, John W.
Pioneers and followers: competitive tactics, environment, and firm growth.Business, generalCovin, Jeffrey G., Slevin, Dennis P., Heeley, Michael B.
Seminar on research perspectives in entrepreneurship (1997).(Panel Discussion)Business, generalSarasvathy, Saras D.
Sluggish giants, sticky cultures, and dynamic capability transformation.Business, generalMajumdar, Sumit K.
Small businesses and liquidity constraints in financing business investment: evidence from Shanghai's manufacturing sector.(Shanghai, China)Business, generalChow, Clement Kong-Wing, Fung, Michael Ka Yiu
Spin-offs from research centers at a research university.Business, generalSteffensen, Morten, Rogers, Everett M, Speakman, Kristen
Strategic experimentation: understanding change and performance in new ventures.Business, generalNicholls-Nixon, Charlene L., Cooper, Arnold C., Woo, Carolyn Y.
Technology strategy and software new ventures' performance: exploring the moderating effect of the competitive environment.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Bogner, William C.
The potential of actuarial decision models: can they improve the venture capital investment decision?Business, generalZacharakis, Andrew L., Meyer, G. Dale
University revenues from technology transfer: licensing fees vs. equity positions.Business, generalBray, Michael J., Lee, James N.
Women business owners in traditional and non-traditional industries.Business, generalAnna, Alexandra L., Chandler, Gaylen N., Jansen, Erik, Mero, Neal P.
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