Journal of Business Venturing 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Venturing 1995
Advantage from adversity: learning from disappointment in internal corporate ventures.Business, generalMcGrath, Rita Gunther
A longitudinal study of cognitive factors influencing start-up behaviors and success at venture creation.Business, generalGartner, William B., Gatewood, Elizabeth J., Shaveer, Kelly G.
Bank strategies toward firms in decline.Business, generalGopinath, C.
Business starts during the transition in Hungary.Business, generalLane, Sarah J.
Contextual influences on the corporate entrepreneurship-performance relationship: a longitudinal analysis.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Covin, Jeffrey G.
Contours of development. (business ventures)(International Entrepreneurship, New Business Development, Technology, and Innovation)Business, generalSinger, Barry
Corporate entrepreneurship and financial performance: the case of management leveraged buyouts.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A.
Critical assumption planning: a practical tool for managing business development risk.Business, generalSykes, Hollister B., Dunham, David
Determinants of satisfaction for entrepreneurs.Business, generalCooper, Arnold C., Artz, Kendall W.
Entrepreneurial information search.Business, generalCooper, Arnold C., Folta, Timothy B., Woo, Carolyn
Expanding the nature and scope of due diligence.(proposed model may help preclude negative performance)Business, generalLusch, Robert F., Harvey, Michael G.
Faculty entrepreneurship and economic development: the case of the University of Calgary.(International Entrepreneurship, New Business Development, Technology, and Innovation)Business, generalChrisman, James J., Hynes, Timothy, Fraser, Shelby
How venture capital firms differ.Business, generalHisrich, Robert D., Fried, Vance H., Elango, B., Polonchek, Amy
Measuring entrepreneurship over time.(International Entrepreneurship, New Business Development, Technology, and Innovation)Business, generalGartner, William B., Shane, Scott A.
Networking and growth of young technology-intensive ventures in China.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalAram, John D., Zhao, Liming
New firm survival: industry, strategy, and location.(study suggests the best combination)Business, generalReynolds, Paul D., Stearns, Timothy M., Carter, Nancy M., Williams, Mary L.
New technologies and technological information in small businesses.Business, generalJulien, Pierre-Andre
Opportunity costs and entrepreneurial activity.Business, generalAmit, Raphael, Muller, Eitan, Cockburn, Iain
Relatedness and corporate venturing: does it really matter?Business, generalWilliams, Mary L., Sorrentino, Mario
Reliance upon informants in the venture capital industry.Business, generalFiet, James O.
Self-employment entry across industry groups.Business, generalBates, Timothy
Strategic windows in the entrepreneurial process.Business, generalHarvey, Michael, Evans, Rodney
Team interpersonal process effectiveness in venture partnerships and its connection to perceived success.Business, generalWatson, Warren E., Ponthieu, Louis D., Critelli, Joseph W.
The rise and fall of the Merlin-Gerin foundry business: a case study in French corporate entrepreneurship.Business, generalAbetti, Pier A., Badguerahanian, Leon
Using cognitive theory to explain entrepreneurial risk-taking: challenging conventional wisdom.Business, generalPalich, Leslie E., Bagby, D. Ray
Using founder status, age of firm, and company growth rate as the basis for distinguishing entrepreneurs from managers of smaller businesses.Business, generalBegley, Thomas M.
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