Journal of Business Forecasting 1991 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Forecasting 1991
A neural network approach to forecasting financial distress. (business forecasting technique)Business, generalCoats, Pamela K., Fant, L. Franklin
Building products sales forecasting at Schlegel. (Schlegel Corp.'s Building Products Div.) (Forecasters' Viewpoint)Business, generalMeyer, Fred
Consensus forecasts of financial institutions. (economic forecasts for US) (Business and Economic Outlook)Business, generalEllis, Dennis F.
Corporate earnings outlook - consensus forecasts. (Institutional Brokers Estimate System survey) (Business and Economic Outlook)Business, generalAbbott, Joseph
Focus: economic prospects after unification. (economic indicators and forecasts for unified Germany) (Business and Economic Outlook: International Economic Outlook)Business, generalSimos, Evangelos O., Triantis, John E.
Forecasting at McCormick & Company. (business forecasting at McCormick and Company Inc.'s McCormick/Schilling Div.) (Interview)Business, generalJain, C.L.
Forecasting foreign exchange rates. (most accurate model for predicting rates)Business, generalHsing Fang, K. Kern Kwong
How to handle shock impacted data. (comparison of reactions of Dow Jones Composite and Milan Stock Exchange)Business, generalCassuto, Alexander E.
How to sell forecasts to management. (Warner-Lambert Co.'s Parke-Davis Group's recognition of value of forecasting) (Forecasters' Viewpoint)Business, generalSchramm, Debra M.
Improving the forecasting process at L'eggs Products. (Sara Lee Corp.'s L'eggs Products Div.) (Forecasters' Viewpoint)Business, generalMichel, Barbara R.
Ivy League business schools far behind the time. (failure to include business forecasting courses)Business, generalJain, C.L.
Kent model forecasts. (forecasts for economic development in US using Kent Forecasting System) (Business and Economic Outlook)Business, generalSimunek, Vladimir J.
Non-technical forecasting issues generic and health insurance. (making projections in the health insurance industry)Business, generalScott, Dwight F., Otte, Dorothea E.
Perpetual battle: inventory or customer service. (Unison Industries Inc.'s forecasting system) (Forecasters' Viewpoint)Business, generalMarino, Maria
The effects of corporate politics on business forecasting.Business, generalChase, Charles W., Jr.
The MLAB Interpreter. (mathematical software) (Software Review) (Software Review) (Evaluation)Business, generalMorrison, Foster
The world economy. (forecasts) (Business and Economic Outlook: International Economic Outlook)Business, generalSimos, Evangelos O., Triantis, John E.
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