Journal of Accounting Research 1987 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting Research 1987
A financing explanation for overfunded pension plan terminations.BusinessStone, Mary
A five-state financial distress prediction model.BusinessLau, Amy Hing-Ling
An analysis of the use of accounting and market measures of performance in executive compensation contracts. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessLambert, Richard A., Larcker, David F.
An empirical analysis of audit delay.BusinessAshton, Robert H., Elliott, Robert K., Willingham, John J.
An empirical investigation of the market for audit services in the public sector.BusinessRicks, William E., Baber, William R., Brooks, Eugene H.
An information interpretation of financial analyst superiority in forecasting earnings.BusinessBrown, Lawrence D., Schwager, Steven J., Richardson, Gordon D.
A theory of audit partnerships: audit firm size and fees.BusinessBalachandran, Bala V., Ramakrishnan, Ram T. S.
Attributes of news about firms: an analysis of firm-specific news reported in the Wall Street Journal Index.BusinessDietrich, J. Richard, Thompson, Robert B., II, Olsen, Chris
Centralization versus delegation and the value of communication. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessReichelstein, Stefan, Melumad, Nahum D.
Collusion and non-controllable cost allocation. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessSuh, Yoon S.
Cross-sectional dependence and problems in inference in market-based accounting research.BusinessBernard, Victor L.
Delegated expertise.BusinessDemski, Joel S., Sappington, David E.M.
Failure of stock prices to discipline managers in a rational expectations economy.BusinessAmershi, Amin H., Sunder, Shyam
Intraindustry information transfers associated with management forecasts of earnings.BusinessBaginski, Stephen P.
Management compensation contracts and merger-induced abnormal returns. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessTehranian, Hassan, Travlos, Nickolaos G., Waegelein, James F.
New evidence on LIFO adoptions: the effects of more precise event dates. (last-in, first-out)BusinessStevenson, Francis L.
Operating decisions and the disclosure of management accounting information. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessVerrecchia, Robert E., Lanen, William N.
Optimal contracts with a utility-maximizing auditor.BusinessEvans, John H., III, Baiman, Stanley, Noel, James
Selecting experimental and comparison samples for use in studies of auditor reporting decisions.BusinessWilkerson, Jack E., Jr.
Signaling and monitoring in public-sector accounting. (Studies on Stewardship Uses of Accounting Information)BusinessEvans, John H., III, Patton, James M.
The impact of new pension disclosure rules on perceptions of debt.BusinessMister, William G., Harper, Robert M., Jr., Strawser, Jerry R.
The prediction performance of a structural model of accounting numbers.BusinessWild, John J.
Unsystematic security price movements, management earnings forecasts, and revisions in consensus analyst earnings forecasts.BusinessJennings, Robert
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