Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2006
An experimental investigation of accounting information's influence on the individual giving process.BusinessBuchheit, Steve, Parsons, Linda M.
A reply to Randall E. LaSalle:" the civil justice system and going-concern audit reports: comments on 'auditors' decision-making under going-concern uncertainties in low litigation-risk environments: evidence from Hong Kong' ''.BusinessMensah, Yaw M., Lam, Kevin C.K.
A test of the loan prohibition of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: are firms that grant loans to executives more likely to misstate their financial results.BusinessCullinan, Charles P., Du, Hui, Wright, Gail B.
Auditor decision-making in different litigation environments: the private securities litigation reform act, audit reports and audit firm size.BusinessRaghunandan, K., Geiger, Marshall A., Rama, Dasaratha V.
Auditors' decision-making under going-concern uncertainties in low litigation-risk environments: evidence from Hong Kong.BusinessMensah, Yaw M., Lam, Kevin C.K.
Corporate governance and firm valuation.BusinessBrown, Lawrence D., Caylor, Marcus L.
Corporate governance mechanisms and the early-filing of CEO certification.(chief executive officer)BusinessWilkinson, Brett R., Clements, Curtis E.
Earnings quality decline and the effect of industry specialist auditors: an analysis of the late 1990s.BusinessKane, Gregory D., Velury, Uma, Jenkins, David S.
Effect of accounting discretion on ability of managers to smooth earnings.BusinessJamal, Karim, Tan, Hwee-Cheng
Effects of professional and non-professional investors' perceptions of board effectiveness on their judgments: an experimental study.BusinessSharma, Divesh S.
Fair-value accounting: a cautionary tale from Enron.(United States-based Enron Corporation)BusinessBenston, George J.
Hedging, hedge accounting, and speculation in a rational expectations equilibrium.BusinessSchondube-Pirchegger, Barbara
How does accounting fit into a firm's political strategy?BusinessJohnston, Derek, Jones, Denise A.
Income, interdependence, and substitution effects affecting incentives for security investment.(internet security)BusinessHausken, Kjell
Information transparency and pricing in the municipal bond secondary market.BusinessWilson, Earl R., Reck, Jacqueline L.
Intra-industry imitation in corporate environmental reporting: an international perspective.BusinessCormier, Denis, Magnan, Michel, Aerts, Walter
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy: 25th anniversary.BusinessGordon, Lawrence A., Loeb, Martin P.
Market performance impacts of human capital disclosures.BusinessLajili, Kaouthar, Zeghal, Daniel
Public policy, political connections, and effective tax rates: longitudinal evidence from Malaysia.BusinessZhang, Hao, Adhikari, Ajay, Derashid, Chek
Quantum information and accounting information: their salient features and conceptual applications.BusinessIjiri, Yuji, Demski, Joel S., Lin, Haijin, FitzGerald, Stephen A., Ijiri, Yumi
The civil justice system and going concern audit reports: comments on "auditors' decision-making under going concern uncertainties in low litigation risk environments: evidence from Hong Kong".BusinessLaSalle, Randall E.
The economic benefit of goal congruence and implications for management control systems.(management control system)BusinessBouillon, Marvin L., West, Timothy D., Ferrier, Gary D., Stuebs, Martin T.
The economic value of regulated disclosure: evidence from the banking sector.BusinessTadesse, Solomon
The effects of director's equity incentives on earnings management.BusinessRonen, Joshua, Tzur, Joseph, Yaari, Varda (Lewinstein)
The impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the corporate disclosures of information security activities.BusinessGordon, Lawrence A., Loeb, Martin P., Lucyshyn, William, Sohail, Tashfeen
The role of peer performance in managerial compensation surrounding the 1996 Telecommunications Act.BusinessCheng, Shijun, Xu, Xiaoyan
The use of management forecasts to dampen analysts' expectations.BusinessBaik, Bok, Jiang, Guohua
The valuation properties of earnings and book value prepared under US GAAP in Chile and IAS in Peru.(international accounting standards v. generally acceptable accounting principles)BusinessNdubizu, Gordian A., Sanchez, Maria H.
The value relevance of management's research and development reporting choice: evidence from Australia.BusinessFalk, Haim, Ahmed, Kamran
Virtual integration costs and the limits of supply chain scalability.BusinessBhimani, Alnoor, Ncube, Mthuli
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