Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2005
An investigation of regulatory and voluntary environmental capital expenditures.BusinessJohnston, Derek
Auditor compensation, disclosure quality, and market liquidity: evidence from stock market.BusinessMcDermott, John B., Hegde, Shantaram P., Ascioglu, Asli
Determinants of voluntary Internet financial reporting by local government authorities.BusinessFisher, Richard, Laswad, Fawzi, Oyelere, Peter
Do auditor resignations reduce uncertainty about the quality of firms' financial reporting?BusinessBeneish, Messod D., Hopkins, Patrick E., Janes, Ivo Ph., Martin, Roger D.
Earnings-based bonus plans and the agency costs of debt.BusinessReeb, David M., Mansi, Sattar A., Duru, Augustine
Enterprise risk management: an empirical analysis of factors associated with the extent of implementation.BusinessBeasley, Mark S., Clune, Richard, Harmanson, Dana R.
Explaining firm willingness to forfeit tax deductions under Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m): the million-dollar cap.BusinessBalsam, Steven, Yin, Qin Jennifer
Exploring differences in social disclosures internationally: a stakeholder perspective.BusinessSmith, Joyce van der Laan, Adhikari, Ajay, Tondkar, Rasoul H.
External audit in the National Health Service in England and Wales: a study of an oversight body's control of auditor remuneration.BusinessEllwood, Sheila, Basioudis, Ilias G.
From conformance to performance: the corporate responsibilities continuum.BusinessBhimani, Alnoor, Soonawalla, Kazbi
How should banks account for loan losses.BusinessBenston, George J., Wall, Larry D.
Improving the security of financial management systems: what are we to do?(Editorial)BusinessGansler, Jacques
Is China's securities regulatory agency a toothless tiger? Evidence from enforcement actions.BusinessFirth, Michael, Chen, Gongmeng, Gao, Daniel N., Rui, Oliver M.
Managers' forecast guidance of analysts: international evidence.(financial disclosures, trends)BusinessBrown, Lawrence D., Higgins, Huong N.
Minimizing cost of continuous audit: counting and time dependent strategies.BusinessSriram, Ram S., Pathak, Jagdish, Chaouch, Ben
Security in XML - based financial reporting services on the Internet.(eXtensible Markup Language)BusinessBoritz, J. Efrim, No, Won G.
The effect of non-audit services on client risk, acceptance and staffing decisions.(Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002)BusinessCohen, Jeffrey, Trompeter, Greg, Asar, Stephen
The impact of culture and governance on corporate social reporting.BusinessCooke, T.E., Haniffa, R.M.
To swear early or not to swear early? An empirical investigation of factors affecting CEO's decisions.BusinessLobo, Gerald J., Zhou, Jian
Unintended consequences of regulating disclosures: the case of regulation fair disclosure.BusinessArya, Anil, Glover, Jonathan, Mittendorf, Brian, Narayanamoorthy, Ganapathi
US accounting standards and their environment: a dualistic study of their 75-years of transition.(Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)BusinessIjiri, Yuji
Vulnerability and information security investment: an empirical analysis of e-local government in Japan.BusinessTanaka, Hideyuki, Matsuura, Kanta, Sudoh, Osamu
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