Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2004
An investigation of the pricing of audit services for financial institutions.BusinessWilkins, Michael S., Fraser, Donald R., Fields, L. Paige
Board leadership, outside directorsE expertise and voluntary corporate disclosures.BusinessGul, Ferdinand A., Leung, Sidney
Changes in environmental regulation and reporting: The case of the petroleum industry from 1989 to 1998.BusinessAlciatore, Mimi, Easton, Peter, Dee, Carol Callaway
Cost accounting in early regulated markets: The case of the Royal Soap Factory of Seville (1525-1692).BusinessCarmna, S., Donoso, R.
Disclosure timing: determinants of quarterly earnings release dates.BusinessSengupta, Partha
Expense, social and moral control. Accounting and the administration of the old poor law in England and Wales.BusinessWalker, Stephen P.
Health care regulation and the operating efficiency of hospitals: evidence from Taiwan.BusinessDas, Somnath, Chang, Hsihui, Chang, Wen-Jing, Li, Shu-Hsing
Insider sales and earnings management.(acquisitions and mergers management)BusinessPark, Myung Seok, Park, Taewoo
Market reaction to voluntary announcements of audit committee appointments: The effect of financial expertise.BusinessDavidson, Wallace N, Xie, Biao, Weihong Xu
Nonprofit classification decisions in response to a change in accounting rules.BusinessEldenburg, Leslie, Vines, Cynthia C.
Rules- versus judgement-based accounting disclosure in the UK.BusinessEmmanuel, Clive, Garrod, Neil
The auditorEs going concern decision and types I and II errors: the Coase theorem, transaction costs, bargaining power and attempts to mislead.BusinessBarnes, Paul
The determinants and characteristics of voluntary Internet - based disclosures by listed Chinese companies .BusinessJason Zezhong Xiao, He Yang, Chee W. Chow
The effect of corporate restructuring charges on employer contributions to profit sharing plans.BusinessJackson, Scott B, Mauldin, Elaine G, Wilcox, William E, Kruse, Douglas L
The effect of financial constraints and political pressure on the management of public pension plans.BusinessEaton, Tim V., Nofsinger, J.R.
The effects of GAAP regulation and bond market interaction on local government disclosure.(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles )BusinessGore, Angela K.
The impact of SEC scrutiny on financial statement of reporting of in - process research and development expense.(Securities and Exchange Commission)BusinessPress, Eric, Dowdell, Thomas D.
Using financial accounting information in the governance of takeovers: an analysis by the type of acquirer.BusinessAharony, Joseph, Barniv, Ran
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